Top 5 Android Apps To Make Life Better

Top 5 Android Apps To Make Life Better


Jul 25, 2014
Top 5 Android Apps to Make Life Better Android apps lately are a big sensation ever since Google launched them. Currently there are millions of apps in this platform which shows the popularity of it among people. Some of the Android apps are very intuitive and meaningful that makes our day to day life easy. We have collected some of the top 5 android apps this season that are useful and could make a real difference to your phone.

Battery Defender

Top 5 Android Apps to Make Life Better The Battery Defender as the name implies conserves the battery life in the most efficient manner. We all know how important it could be, when we realize the number of times our phone goes off when we actually need them. This brilliant app comes for your rescue to conserve battery life and provide long lasting use. It comes free, what more can you ask for? The Battery Defender works by automatically disabling your WiFi or data connection every time your screen is switched off. It also has many modes, for instance the quiet sleeping mode allows you to conserve power during times when you actually go to sleep. Further, it has a low battery policy that efficiently conserves battery life.


Top 5 Android Apps to Make Life Better   The Fences app deserves a special mention for its intelligent design and innovative concept. Have you ever thought about the idea of completing tasks when you reach a particular place that is allied to it? That’s exactly Fences is for. It is a task scheduler which creates virtual fences around specific locations with a set of task list. How it works is – It triggers your phone with the tasks when you reach a particular area or locality. Quite interesting, isn’t it? Fences are a handy app if you are a person on the move. Get them on your phone, it will certainly increase your productivity and make your life a breeze.


Top 5 Android Apps to Make Life Better Mumble just like its name is quite a unique app. If you are wondering what it is, they offer intelligent vibrations based on your text messages. Mumble’s ultimate aim is to provide full range of control over vibrating alerts. Mumble is programmed to recognize over 100 emotion icons, so you can know what’s coming in your inbox before you actually see them. They also correct minor spelling mistakes and provide great value in every way.


Top 5 Android Apps to Make Life Better Swype is a revolutionary keyboard app that transforms the way how you actually type. It is quite a useful feature if you are a text message addict. Typing words letter by letter on your keypad would seem antique if you have started to use Swype. In Swype you just need to whiz through your finger key to key to get what you want to be typed. It has advanced methodologies to keep you from avoiding mistakes. These are apps that are certainly useful and make life easier. Check out this space for more interesting updates.  

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