Tips to recycle used motor oil

Tips to recycle used motor oil


Mar 10, 2014
Tips to recycle used motor oil We all are familiar with the need of go green movement and thus many of us recycle many things, such as  newspaper, plastic bottles, glass. Similarly, recycling of used motor oil is also important and it helps to keep the environment healthy.  Impurities like dirt, chemicals, metal scrapings, water get mixed with the oil during its normal use and because of this oil does not perform well. But after cleaning or recycling of oil, we can use it again. If we dump used oil on lands or in waterways, it is harmful to the environment. Used oil pollutes the groundwater, soil and rivers. The only means to reduce this pollution is recycling the used motor oil.

Here are the reasons, why we should recycle the used motor oil.

  • It contains many contaminants such as copper, zinc, lead, magnesium, arsenic.
  • It is very easy to recycle the used oil.
  • It causes oil pollution, if we pour it on the ground or into drains.
  • Recycling of oil helps to save valuable natural resources and reduce dependency on foreign oil. Also makes environment pollution free.
Businesses know the benefits of recycling used oil. But there are many people who actually work on their own car or truck at home or garage and generates the large quantity of petroleum products. So it is necessary to get them aware of recycling concept. Recycling Motor Oil Recycling is the process of removing dirt, chemical impurities and heavy metal from the used motor oil and makes it ready to use again. It is possible to conserve natural sources, such as oil through recycling. Most of the people make a reuse of motor oil as a lubricant. The next thing is to know how you can recycle used oil. Here are some guidelines. Collection center Many repair facilities and service stations accept the used oil. Further, the recycling coordinator or even local government helps you identify recycling facilities in your area. Put used motor oil in a plastic container and make sure that the oil does not get mixed with anything else. Take this container to a collection center for recycling. If you have a large quantity of used oil, then call the collection center in advance. If used oil has mixed with other fluids, such as water, or gasoline, collection center will not accept it. Rather, they will direct you where you can properly dispose contaminated oil.

Here are the types of oil recycling

Re-refining: Re-refining process prolongs the oil resource’s life. Processing for energy recovery- In this procedure, water and other contaminants are removed from the oil. After that, it is burned to create heat. Insertion in the refinery: To produce gasoline, used oil is inserted into a petroleum refinery. It means, the cycled oil works well for your vehicle, as the virgin oil does. Recycling of used oil means keeping it out of lakes, rivers, streams, in turn out of our drinking water. It’s our responsibility to keep our water safe and to protect our environment. So make sure to recycle the used motor oil and enjoy the pollution free environment. Above guidelines will help you in this regards.

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