10 Things We Thought Were True

10 Things We Thought Were True


Sep 9, 2014
10 Things We Thought Were True We stay in the world which is full of misconceptions and rumors. It happens most of the times that what we see with our eyes is true, but we feel that they are not true. This can happen because of the effect of illusion or misconception. They are not always false, but our mind also plays mind games with us. Many of the myths are taught to us in our earlier stage or when we were small.We will see these misconceptions dispel in a few minutes.
  1. The Great Wall of China can be seen from the space – This we thought were true but the fact is that even from a very low orbit, it is very hard to spot the wall. As compared to the Great Wall of China, there are other monuments that are easier to view.
  2. Different parts of the tongue can taste different tastes – Our tongue has taste buds and they all can detect the taste equally. Same extent of taste can be detected on the tongue.
  3. Deoxygenated blood is of blue color – This is not true and the fact is that if it is brought into the light, then it can look like blue, but the actual color is dark red.
  4. Human Being has five senses – There are more than five senses, every human being has. This answer can vary as per every scientist.
  5. Mother of the baby birds will abandon them if human beings touch them – This myth was developed many years ago and this is said so, as of the smell of human beings. But they just don’t get abandoned just because of the human touch.
  6. Mt. Everest is the tallest – Mt. Everest can be the tallest if you measure it above the sea level, but if you measure the mountain from the base to the top, then Mauna Kea in Hawaii is the tallest mountain.
  7. Chameleons change color to match themselves with the surrounding areas – The truth is that a chameleon goes through a lot of emotional and Physiological changes and due to them it changes color.
  8. Cracking Knuckles may lead to bone issues or arthritis –   Cracking knuckles is a very annoying habit and the myth is that cracking knuckles can cause arthritis. There have been studies and research that has proven that cracking knuckles can only result in poor grip after a few years.
  9. Gum swallowed stays in your body – A Pediatric gastroenterologist has debunked this myth that gums swallowed stays in the body. He says that till date there have been no signs of gum in the gastric system during the colonoscopy.
  10. Dogs are color blind – It was a myth that they can only see gray color.  Scientists have proved that they can also see shades of other colors like yellow and green.
There are some things that we take for granted. A few myths were developed hundred years ago and today many of them are busted. Our development, education and open minds have made this possible. You just need to think smart and develop a different point of view.        

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