Surviving the Phone Apocalypse

Surviving the Phone Apocalypse


Jun 7, 2014
Mobile-Addiction Technology has widely contributed in the progress and development of nations across the world. Technology has helped people in coming close to one another. It has aided people in carrying effective communication, business trades, cultural exchange, etc… worldwide. Smartphones, Tablets, Laptops, etc… have become our close companions. One cannot imagine the life without them even for a second as well. Right from getting up in morning and ending up in bed, people are completely mesmerized with gadgets. But the question lies here. What if these gadgets ultimately result in an apocalypse? Since gadgets emit heat and radiations, there are high chances of them leading to any physical or material damage to the users. Dependency to some extent is acceptable, but making gadgets as one’s own life can become a great threat towards the safety and security of users. Let us understand about the safety measures for surviving the phone apocalypse.

Surviving the Phone Apocalypse:

With an over usage of gadgets like smartphones, mobile phones, tablets, etc… people are ignoring a great amount of human and materialistic safety. Since phones create great amount of magnetic field, they create great chances of apocalypse as well. Hence, let us understand different ways of surviving phone apocalypse.
  1. Do not charge for long-Since battery gets easily drained out, people often keep the phone on prolonged charging hours. Some misunderstand the fact of charging the phone, with prolonged charging hours leading to more power in phone. In fact, plugging the phone on hours and hours of charging mode can lead to a blast in phone. This apocalypse can create a great amount of physical as well as materialistic damage. Hence, it is advisable to charge the phone for stated hours. Also, it is essential to charge the phone on regular basis without interrupting it while charge is in process.
  2. Never talk while phone is in charging mode-We rightly understand that communication is essential and important. But it is also necessary to understand that communication at the cost of a person can lead to great hazards. It is essential for users to avoid talking or messaging via phone while it is getting charged. As the MCB of phone heats up, it might lead to blast while talking. This can turn out to be a great blunder for the sufferer. It is essential to understand the cost of life over such gadgets.
  3. Avoid placing the phone in pockets-People often have a habit to place their smartphone in the pockets of their shirts and jeans. Since, smart phones or mobile phones emit great amount of infrared rays and radiations, it might lead to heart failure or damage to private parts. Hence, it is important to refrain placing them near heart region and lower part of body.
  4. Avoid sleeping with your smartphones-Nothing is better than a sound sleep. It is very essential for people to understand the importance of a sound sleep. Placing handsets while sleeping can become a great hazard to the mind and senses of body. Emitting and receiving of radiations is very harmful. This might numb or create a tumor in the nerves or in other regions of brain.

Frequently Asked Questions?

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