Store Blocking no longer possible in Windows 10 Pro

Store Blocking no longer possible in Windows 10 Pro


May 11, 2016
Following the news of stopping the free upgrade for Windows 10 in another 2 months from now,Microsoft has now announced that the professional version of Windows 10 can no longer block access to the Windows Store. However the function will be available on the more expensive Windows 10 Enterprise version, as well as the Education edition. Microsoft noted that many firms tried to prevent their staff from downloading additional software as they felt that it afftected the existing programs and affected productivity and this move came after Microsoft made the change b design itself. With all this running it is to be noted that the Tech giant in September 2015 claimed that there were 669,000 apps on the Windows Store. Also Microsoft claimed thay there are 300 million devices using Windows 10 one year after its launch.

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