Sony releases Xperia flash tool in beta, lets unlocked devices return to stock ROMs

Sony releases Xperia flash tool in beta, lets unlocked devices return to stock ROMs


Nov 7, 2012
There’s no denying that of all the Android OEMs, Sony’s the most consumer-friendly. With a track record encompassing consistent and transparent software updates, easily unlocked bootloaders, a former flagship that’s been in and out of AOSP and now this — an Xperia flash tool — the company’s on a roll. Released today on the mobile outfit’s developer site, the beta tool allows Xperia users with unlocked bootloaders to revert back to Sony’s lightly-skinned stock ROMs. Currently, only the Xperia S, arc and arc S are supported, but work is underway to include additional handsets. If you’re rocking a compatible phone, the process is as simple as downloading the program from its dev portal, connecting your device, selecting the available “services” (read: Xperia ROMs), flashing your ROM of choice and then rebooting. Easy enough, no? For a brief video walkthrough, head on past the break.

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