Sims – The Real Life Experience Game

Sims – The Real Life Experience Game


Sep 23, 2014
Sims - The real life experience game What is the Sims? The Sims is a game that can be played on many platforms and is a life simulation game. This game is very popular. The game was launched in the year 2000 and is compatible with the devices like Play station 2, Nintendo and Xbox. The game includes the three dimensional characters with their family. The game is available with expansion packs and some added elements. EA Maxis has developed Sims and this time they want to appear the character of Sims less robotic. To solve this problem, they filmed their employees moving between a staff party. The staff members were moving between themselves and telling jokes and enjoying themselves. The footage of these films was used to add some realistic feel to the Sims. There are a few improvements that the Sims has gone through. The characters are now able to Multitask different things at the same time.  The older versions were able to perform one action at a time and then start another. The characters can now do many things together at the same time. The Sims is now designed to experience emotions and response accordingly. The Sims might get up in the morning and may showcase some emotions like a human being. The Sims can be upset or happy depend on the predetermined personality. They can pick a fight or can be happy. The Sims can interact with poise and can showcase some social intelligence. These Sims are the modern ones that are built with behaviors, according to the act of the people. These Sims are made to spend some personal time in their own space, have a group conversation and can spend time socially in a bar. They are made to match with the real world and lead to a real life. The new versions of the Sims gain some social intelligence, creativity and controlling the Sims is easy. They come with unique personalities and have interesting and great appearances. The changes in the Sims come with emotions and the wide variety can make a great choice to make a possession. The more interesting part of Sims is that the Create a Sims is now more interesting and one can build more powerful, intuitive and can experience fun while making them. The Sims can have vibrant neighborhoods and you can select them as you wish. Stay near rich communities and smarter people around. The game has a gallery that allows the selection of the selection, sharing and downloading of the Sims and their homes from the gallery. The wide choice of homes and Sims makes it more interesting. Apart from gaining a lot of social intelligence, Sims has an amazing soundtrack and one can experience the gaming experience like never before with the life simulation experience. The advancement in technology and with the combination of new software programs, the game gives a more realistic experience and simple leads to a more realistic virtual world.    

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