Simplest Way To Send Money Using Snapcash Snapchat

Simplest Way To Send Money Using Snapcash Snapchat


Dec 8, 2014
  Simplest Way To Send Money Using Snapcash_s Snapcha   ‘Snapcash’ is the latest feature introduced by Snapchat towards making available a number of quick-cash-mobile services including Venmo. September 2011 was the date on which the initial application had been released. How To Send The Money-Through Snapchat, friends can send money via Snapcash to their friends with greatest ease, as they would plaster tacky emoticon stickers in a selfie that is hastily captioned! It is with Square that Snapchat has launched a partnership. This is the first product of Snapcash launched with another company’s help. Incredibly Simple-In the past, they shared a blog post. When this Snapchat app is opened, cash hopefully, doesn’t disappear. Snapchat’s blog posts make a promise that it is really secure, incredibly simple, fun and fast.  Once the debit card number is entered, it is stored with Square, after which dollar sign and the amount can be typed. Then to send it, press the green button. Secure-A lot of hard work is being put in to make Snapcash as secure as possible, says Snapchat. It is only in the United States that this feature can be used by individuals who are 18 years and above. Still it has been reported many who are 17 years and younger have been using Snapchat.Whatever may be the case, all that users need to do is simply type in the dollar amount into the new ‘Snapcash’ messages! This collaboration is the first of its kind between Square, a company dealing with mobile payments and Snapchat. Support via advertising-Boosting revenue is something Snapchat has been looking for eagerly. To carry out the transfer debit card numbers have to be stored at Square. What are the financial alliance terms between Square and Snapchat has not been disclosed. The capability of money making has been boosted via this popular application. Money making is the simple motive for dabbling with advertising, states the startup. While neat content is delivered to Snapchatters, the service is being best supported via advertising. Messages Simple Disappear-The best thing is that after being viewed, the messages simply disappear shortly.Since some time now, ads also have been weaved into the service. At Snapchat, the first paid content was the new ads. The ads can be ignored due to the option provided. After the ads are viewed they disappear automatically within 24 hours after they are viewed, according to Snapchat. No Breaching Of Startup’s Services – Just recently, Snapchat videos and messages in a huge trove were exposed on the internet after ads were introduced. This has raised fears that a number of things may be revealed in messages that were intended to vanish a few seconds after they were viewed. As far as squirreling away copies of transient missives by hackers is concerned, Snapchat assures users that, there has not been a breach of startup’s servicers. Images have not been leaked through the startup’s servers.  

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