Sharp Demonstartes Ultra Efficient Solar Cells

Sharp Demonstartes Ultra Efficient Solar Cells


Jul 22, 2014
Sharp Demonstartes Ultra Efficient Solar Cells Who is Sharp Corporation? Sharp Corporation, a renowned Japanese multi-national company is known for its explicitly unique and advanced electronic products. Headquartered in Japan, Sharp Corporation produces televisions, home appliances, audiovisuals, fax machines, electronic components, LCD panels, etc… Better known for its sharp sighted and visionary research, Sharp Corporation consistently develops unique products that are cost – effective, unique and useful for human race. Sharp Corporation has recently invented ultra solar cells that produce world’s highest conversion efficiency of 36.9%. Sharp’s Ultra Efficient Solar Cells: Sharp Corporation has made a first mover advantage by developing ultra efficient solar cells, capable of converting cell efficiency at 36.9%. Sharp has made this unique achievement and invention by utilizing triple junction compound solar cells. Compound Solar cells are cells that are made up of a three layer structuring. These cells are majorly utilized in space satellites due to their efficiency of higher conversion. These cells basically use photo absorption layers consisting of elements namely gallium and indium. Sharp has strived hard to come up with this achievement. It initiated this project in the year 2000, by undertaking a research and development activity on triple junction compound solar cell. The idea behind utilizing this cell was to generate high conversion efficiency with three photo absorption layers. Sharp achieved some part of its success in the year 2009 when it succeeded in improvising cell conversion efficiency to 35.8%. The conversion resulted after stacking three photo absorption layers one on each other. Moreover, this sudden and high enhancement in conversion efficiency happened after improvising the maximum power output of solar cells. Sharp in association with Japan’s New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organization (NEDO) initiated, promoted and handled this advanced research and development for producing unique and ultra solar cells. However, the final achievement of ultra efficient solar cell converting an efficiency of 36.9% was confirmed and announced at National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (AIST). Research has revealed that the supreme and best solar cells are capable of converting one third of sunlight’s energy into electricity. However, exotic physics has indicated the researchers of it getting converting further. Japan’s New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organization (NEDO) have succeeded in developing a prototype that shows nearest of this idea. Commercialization of this prototype would aid in generating more solar power thus resulting into an economical one. While sunlight hits with solar cell, it emits out very high level energy electrons. But after some trillionths seconds, some electrons give out their energy turning it into wasting heat. Sharp found out a way of collecting this energy from preventing it from wasting upon. Sharp Corporation with the help of this additional heat succeeded in developing world’s most efficient Solar Cells. Sharp Corporation has planned to develop this technology into further implementations. It is aiming to utilize these ultra solar cells in concentrator type, space satellites, land vehicles and flight craft.

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