Seagate Backup Plus Slim Vs Seagate Backup Plus Fast

Seagate Backup Plus Slim Vs Seagate Backup Plus Fast


May 5, 2014
Seagate Backup Plus Slim Vs Seagate Backup Plus Fast An overview: Where data holds a very valuable position in our life, it becomes utmost essential for us to take a back up of every data and information that we store in our operating systems. It is always advisable to keep a back up for every single data in order to prevent it from losing up. Since, our systems are in constant touch with internet browser, other sources of memory drives, etc…. there are high chances of the system getting corrupted due to viruses or malware. Seagate gifted the concept of hard drives for storing large amount of data. Hard Drive is a memory device which is internal and comes in external form as well. Seagate recently came up with its Backup Plus series with two different versions of Hard drives namely, Backup Plus and Backup Fast.  

Detailed Understanding: Seagate Backup Plus Slim Vs Seagate Backup Plus Fast

  Seagate introduced the two different hard drives leveraging on their USP of safety and speed. The users can choose well between both of them. Let us understand about them in detail. 1. Aesthetics: The Slim hard drive as the name says is quite thin in comparison to Backup Plus Fast. The look of Backup Plus Fast appears to be two sandwiches clubbed into one. The drives being attributed and targeted to different consumer base comes with great differences. Seagate launched Slim in four different colors. The look reminds of old time boxes. However, apart from being slim, the hard drive is quite small in size as well. At 2.5 inches, the metallic body looks quite striking. The edges are glossy while the bottom is non slippery. Being quite small in size, Slim can be carried with great ease. There is one 0.5 m USB 3.0 cable. Backup Plus Fast looks very hefty in aesthetics. It is quite huge as a hard drive. Available in only black color, the drive appears to be quite simple with a smooth finish on the top and non-greasy in the bottom. The drive comes with 2 USB cables i.e. 0.5m and 0.9m.   2. Features: Backup Plus Fast is speedier than the slim one. The concept behind its fast speed is that it utilizes two 2.5 Inches hard drives in the RAID 0 array. As a result, when the data transfers in the drive, it breaks the data into pieces and gets stored in the drives. This increases the rate of transfer and thus enhances speed.  But the major disadvantage of this feature is that in case any of the drives get in contact with virus attack than automatically the other drive also gets affected. As a result the total hard drive gets crashed. Hence, RAID 0 array is a risky technique to store confidential and critical data on hard drives. However, Slim is a simple hard drive to operate. Simply plug in the drive and get started up immediately. Seagate’s 1 TB Slim hard drive consists of 931 GB of available space while 4TB Fast drive has 3.64 TB free space.

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