Say no to obstacle by Talking Car Patent of Motorola

Say no to obstacle by Talking Car Patent of Motorola


Feb 25, 2014
Talking Car Patent of MotorolaImage credit: Techradar Talking Cars will soon become true! Have you ever felt a need for a support while you are driving on road? Don’t you face the need of getting alerts of the obstacles while driving? Now the question will be answered by Motorola’s talking car patent. Google has recently come up with its owned patent US 13/556081 which gets installed inside the car. The purpose behind installing the talking car patent device is to assist people who are driving on roads for safeguarding them from obstacles. Motorola has partnered with Google and has launched this device recently. The patent helps the driver in identifying the obstacles that could hinder driving on roads. The patent speaks out the details of obstacles. It instructs the user while driving on road. The patent device not only indicates the driver but it also records and photograph the obstacles ahead. The device alerts the vehicles nearby as well for ensuring safe driving. It warns the vehicles and saves them from getting indulged in any encounter. The talking system is an apparatus. It comprises of a camera, video recorder and radio frequency modulation circuitry. The frequency modulation works in co-ordination with the radar and sends out signals including video data. The apparatus is installed with an inter vehicle alert system. It alerts the camera to capture the picture and video. The radar helps in sending out signals to other vehicles driving ahead or besides. It sends out a portion of video captured for showing obstruction to other vehicle via antenna. Motorola along with its cellular business has ventured in going ahead with this segment as well. A very obvious question which comes in mind is that why there is a need for Motorola to get into this segment inspite of being in the cellular industry? The reason could be any. But this system can be easily installed in smartphones and tablets as well. It could come out to be a novel offering for the starters. The officials have said that “In traffic, although such systems may provide warnings that a vehicle in front is getting too close, or is slowing down, such systems do not provide any information for obstructions that may be located one or more vehicles ahead and possibly around a curve in the road.” The system will not only ping to the user but also to other’s cars as well. Waze is a very popular mapping application in which users helps people in finding best routes by detailing them on traffic status, obstacles, incidents, etc… Motorola coming up with such a patent will indeed help people in providing them with real time updates ensuring safe and alert driving. The information identified by this patent gets transferred to other vehicles as well. The Talking car patent of Motorola can be effectively utilized in self driving cars technology. Such cars are equipped with a range finder device that maps the road in 3D format. It identifies ways for driving safely ensuring other’s safety as well.

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