Samsung HT-E6500 Review

Samsung HT-E6500 Review


Feb 10, 2014
Samsung HT-E6500 Review Home cinema systems, in the past, have indicated problems in audio quality. Now, with a significant product in this category, the Samsung HT-E6500, these systems may not become extinct in the face of competition from Blu-ray players and audio-video receivers. The SumsungHT-E6500 stands out in the 5.1 Home cinema systems and is currently priced at $600. Packing contains a little bulky Blu-ray player (min unit), one central speaker, two satellite speakers (left/right), and a passive sub woofer. The whole offering appears modern and glossy. But, there is something retro about it.  The system is fitted with vacuum tubes! The main unit appears bulky, as it contains an amplifier (for totally five surround speakers) and vacuum tubes, lit by LEDs. Input connections: 2 HDMI connections, and an optical audio out, RCA plugs (analog). The outputs have one single HDMI connection and a video connection. The key features include:
  • 5.1 channel, 1000 w output codecs
  • Two half-tallboy speakers
  • Vacuum tube and amp technology: produces good quality warm sound
  • W-Fi direct: provides access to content on compatible devices
  • iPod Cradle: allows connection to Apple iPod
  • AllShare Play: ensures free-flowing content for music and movies
The output codecs range from: DTS-HD, DTS, Dolby Digital, Dolby TrueHD and the likes. It supports the following DSP modes: Power Bass, MP3 Enhancer, and Virtual 7.1. Audio modes: 3D Sound and SFE modes. The single blu-ray technology is used in the in-built 3D Blu-ray player, producing unmatched picture quality; also assisting in quickly glancing content from physical media and the web. The features are similar to that of the well-known AirPlay system. The setup is easy and you get many opportunities to adjust its settings. When turned ON, it fills your room with rich 3D sound. The use of vacuum tubes ensures that the 3D sound feels warm, as well. The smart Bluetooth technology allows you to transfer music to iPod/smartphones, instantly.Through the disc –to-digital streaming feature, you can unlock DVD content in the cloud to access it at any time. With due consideration, a great blu-ray speaker outside will cost approx. $150.  So, you can pay a little extra for an outstanding audio solution.  A technical and performance review of the whole system indicates that this home theatre system is very much capable in delivering vibrant, heart-warming, clear, and agile audio output. However, its performance stoops while playing some extremely low octaves and extremely high volume audio sounds. It shouldn’t raise alarms; this system is still best-in-the-class offering.In comparison to all choices available in Home Theater or Home Cinema systems, the $600 Samsung HT-E6500 is worth its money.

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