Reviews On TCL Roku

Reviews On TCL Roku


Dec 8, 2014
Reviews On TCL Roku The TCL Roku is fantastic to use. Its UI-User Interface is identical practically because you can easily skip on ahead. The home screen is user customized for each of the inputs and offers real value for the money invested.

Great Streamlining Experience

As compared to Amazon, Google and Apple, it offers a streaming experience better than anything else. As compared to the applications built on actual television sets, most people prefer to use the Roku. Smart televisions now built into actual televisions by Roku are quite different.  It can put almost any television to shame with apps in an unparalled selection. The remote is simple and the television is an actual Roku box.  The price is attractive too. Many of the other smart televisions are more expensive than the TCL Roku which proves to be a great secondary television. For streamlining services and accessing applications the simplest way to go is using the TCL Roku TV and that too with the least amount of money!

Completely Generic

Picture quality may be mediocre but still the combination of accessing applications, streamling services and quality of picture is a killer. Even if the specifications have been reduced, it’s a high performing television like other smart TVs in similar sizes. As far as exterior of this TV is concerned, there is nothing special. It is completely generic as far as its utilitarian looks, narrow strips of chrome for the base and trapezoidal glass stand. In other words, an element of class is provided to the TCL Roku. To avoid a tipover, a good idea would be to install two tiny legs, however. Avoiding screwing on the legs as part of extreme safety and instead purchase an anti tip strap.

Refreshing Size To Use

The TCL Roku is refreshingly small. The TV logo is identical to other televisions offered by TCL. Remote of this television is a fully functional and simple TV clicker. The menu system is one of best available in any television. Using this television is a piece of cake actually especially because of the thorough explanations and plain language. On the TV itself, applications can be deleted, added and searched. Its input selection is truly unique. It allows the user to choose from a list of names, like ‘Playstation’ and ‘Cable Box’. This is a 48 inches television set, quite large to be seen across the room. For less money, get a 32 inch sized model and besides this there is a 55 inch model also.

Nice Basic Television

Display is quite decent at the price it is available at. No need to have a burly assistant around as installing and assembling the television is a breeze. The market offers it at a new refreshed rate. The television also includes dual band wi-fi, a number of component hookups, Dolby audio processing and 3 HDMI ports. If you are looking for a basic television that works best for individuals with tech-phobia, then this is the right one to get, right away.  

Frequently Asked Questions?

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