Reset your twitter password with a text

Reset your twitter password with a text


May 19, 2014
Reset your twitter password with a text The world of social networking is expanding at a rapid pace. As more and more sites are coming into picture, the more the world is getting involved in it. With over one decade time, the masses are actively and majorly found to be hooked on different social networking sites namely, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, etc… Since, people share and disclose their personal information to a maximum limit, there are huge chances of their profiles getting hacked by hackers or by malicious elements. There are also cases wherein several viruses too attack the profile and auto hack it. Hence, people find it really unsafe in maintaining privacy with their passwords on several other sites especially Twitter. Twitter is improvising and developing more security measures for making the life of their users easier. Twitter has included novel and unique security features for enabling easy set up of passwords. Now, users can simply edit and set the passwords of their Twitter accounts by sending a text message to a specific company number. After constant security problems, this solution has made Twitter come back in headlines. With growing popularity of Twitter for every other reason like Celebrity shares, thoughts, views, etc… Twitter became on the hit list of hackers. However, on the other hand, a popular malicious virus “Heartbleed” has also affected millions of profiles and system for gaining personal information.

Reset your twitter password with a text,  How?

Initially, Twitter users must login their accounts and get their mobile numbers verified. After this, they should choose the SMS option for permitting the medium to set passwords. Immediately a six digit code is received via SMS to the user and not e-mail for considering safety issues. The user needs to utilize this six digit code with fifteen minutes of its receiving; or else it gets automatically expired. Mollie Vandor, Product Manager, Twitter recently posted on the company blog, “The new process lets you choose the email address or phone number associated with your account where you’d like us to send your reset information. That way, whether you’ve recently changed your phone number, or are traveling with limited access to your devices, or had an old email address connected to your Twitter account, you’ve got options.” She further added, “Your Twitter account is important to you, and your account security is important to us. We will continue to work on bolstering Twitter account security so you can keep enjoying Twitter safely.” In the year 2010 what Google did, similar Twitter is planning to implement it in its user interface. This novel move by Google has been widely appreciated and accepted which indeed helped the user in assuring the personal information from getting leaked out. Apart from this, the history option would also be included in order to help the user in checking the login histories of account. Heartbleed had affected the privacy settings of the users aggressively. Several experts and citizens became frustrated due to this non-curable virus, Heartbleed. By strengthening the privacy norms, every web provider and social networking site would ensure a great amount of relief to the users.

Frequently Asked Questions?

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