Prevent Theft with Spot Trace Anti-Theft Tracking Device

Prevent Theft with Spot Trace Anti-Theft Tracking Device


May 5, 2014

An Overview: Spot Trace

As technology is evolving with time, people are more and more likely to be seen with valuable gadgets like smartphones, Tablets, Laptops, etc… Since these gadgets are quite expensive on the other hand, the chance of them getting robbed on the other hand also increases as well. Every now and then we can often hear about the gadgets getting looted from somewhere or the other. Don’t we feel the need of a secured agent that protects the gadget from getting theft? Fortunately the technology of GPS has helped in coming up with a device that can prevent these valuable gadgets from getting stolen. An Anti – Theft tracking device, Spot Trace has been developed with an objective to trace and track devices that get looted. Spot Trace is a GPS Tracking device which is multi – purpose and appears like the size of a match box. This device can be attached with any gadget irrespective of it being a smartphone, laptop, etc… Spot Trace is equipped and programmed in a way that it works as a GPS device as well as an accelerometer. With its motion detection feature, the device can track every real time movement of the gadget which is heading from place to place. The in-built motion is capable of sending messages, email and automatic alerts which gives the information of real time location of the gadget. Spot Trace is an efficient gadget which has enabled numerous people in saving their gadgets from getting looted. Apart from tracking gadgets, Spot Trace can also be utilized to trace boats, cars, and several other devices that often get targeted for robbery. Spot Trace Anti-Theft Tracking Device

Technical Specifications of Spot Trace:

  1. Spot Trace comprises of a small black field which creates field for GPS and Motion detection. The black field operates with the help of 4 AAA batteries.
  2. The battery of Spot Trace is very effective and long lasting. There are 4 Energizer Lithium Triple batteries which are capable of supporting 18 months of battery life to the user.
  3. As per the dimensions, Spot Trace measures 6.83 cm in length, 5.13 cm in width and 0.14 cm in depth. This makes the device very handy and easy to carry.
  4. Spot Trace can be easily attached to the gadget with the help of either screws or adhesive pads. The screw or adhesive pad enables the user to attach it with the gadget for easy tracking and motion detection.
  5. The device has single energy change and two LED points. These points help in knowing whether the gadget is working or not. It then can help in acquiring the GPS location.
  6. Spot Trace has been developed by International Telesat Communications which finds the gadget to detect satellites with the help of glass, material and fiberglass. The device cannot work and respond to metallic signals.
  7. The battery of Spot Trace is waterproof for upto 30 minutes of time.
  8. In case of theft, the device continuously detects the device. It mechanically sends out email and message for showing real time location to the user.

Frequently Asked Questions?

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