Predict what your children will look like as adults with this new Age progression software

Predict what your children will look like as adults with this new Age progression software


Apr 24, 2014
Age progression software Parents often wish for a stage wherein they can see their child successfully living a life as an adult. They feel curious to know how their child will look as an adult. As and when technology is progressing ahead, almost every desire of mankind is getting fulfilled. Where our growth is completely relied on nature, technology has also tried to come up with software that shows the changes in the face as and when age progresses ahead. Ira Kemelmacher-Shlizerman, a renowned assistant professor of computer science and engineering at the University of Washington said, “Aging photos of very young children from a single photo is considered the most difficult of all scenarios, so we wanted to focus specifically on this very challenging case. We took photos of children in completely unrestrained conditions and found that our mind works remarkably well.” Age progression software images Age progression software is a mode through which people can predict aging anytime. The software will help the parents in showing how their baby will look until the age of 80 years. The software is developed on the basis of an algorithm. The age progression software matures the face of the baby in a way that the viewer can indeed co-relate the baby with the present look. This software provides a comprehensive listing of worth from his current age to 80 years of time. The team of expert researchers at University of Washington has developed this software that is soon going to present their research papers in upcoming technology meets. Developing this software was a great challenge for the developers. As and when the baby progresses ahead with age, the face dramatically changes till middle age; it becomes difficult for developers to predict as to how the baby will look in future. This technology is highly precious and hence can be of great help of crime branch or police to locate missing children. This software works on the basis of an algorithm. The internet is flooded with numerous photographs of adults and children. Hence this software depends upon these given images on internet and utilizes additional information of age and gender. Then with the help of an algorithm, the software tries to match the gender and age information with the given images on internet by discovering the average pixel composition. This in turn helps in developing and predicting photos that will show how face has changed over the time. Steven Seitz, the professor of Computer Science and Engineering at the University of Washington said, “Our extensive user studies demonstrated age progression results that are so convincing that people can’t distinguish them from reality. When shown images of an age-progressed child photo and a photo of the same person as an adult, people are unable to reliably identify which one is the real phone.” People cannot be able to identify whether the photo is real or digitized. The software is being researched to further extent. Source: University of Washington

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