Normandy Android Smartphone from Nokia not very far away

Normandy Android Smartphone from Nokia not very far away


Feb 3, 2014
Normandy Android Smartphone from Nokia Normandy smartphone from Nokia may soon turn out to be true. Smartphone lovers are eagerly awaiting this Android smartphone from a well known mobile manufacturer, Nokia. Since a long time, this phone is garnering a lot of attention and making headlines. There were some reports that hit headlines earlier that dismissed smartphone arrival. Latest round of speculations suggests that Android smartphones are being pushed in the market by the Finnish company so as to turn this dream into an actual reality. Recently, the images of this rumoured Normandy smartphone were revealed by some sources with heading “Android on Nokia”. The smartphone featured in this image not only uses Android Operating System platform but also seems to use iconic design of Lumia. If this image is considered to be true, it says a lot and means that there is more substance to these rumours. Normandy Android Smartphone from Nokia Considered to be a smartphone deemed as entry level phone offered by Normandy is also rumoured to flaunt a user interface which is very much similar to the budget phone Asha line-up from Nokia. If these images are taken to be seriously, chances are that this phone is going to have dual SIM in the handset. This phone may also feature Viber, notifications related to lock screen and Skype related apps. Multiple colors are expected in this smartphone with Android. Another report in the meantime claimed to have seen this smartphone surrounded by a lot of mystery. This smartphone has also been given a code name, Nokia RM-980 A110. It is believed that this phone must be surely Normandy and has been available on Antutu, a benchmark website. As per Weibo, a microblogging site from China, Normandy or Nokia RM-980 A110 will be featuring a 480×854 resolution with 4-in FWVGA display. It is also expected to run on Android 4.4.4 Kitkat Operating System. 5 megapixel camera at the rear and Qualcomm Snapdragon are remaining stipulated features expected to be available in this smartphone. The date of launch regarding details is not enough. Similarly, details about the first smartphone with Android OS from Nokia are not enough. As per diverse reports from media, this phone is being developed at a fast pace and by the time, this year comes to an end, it is expected to hit mobile stores. Mobile enthusiasts who have been loyal customers of Nokia are eagerly waiting for this Normandy smartphone. Nokia has always been considered as a sturdy phone.

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