Nissan to recall Altima in US, Canada

Nissan to recall Altima in US, Canada


Jan 29, 2016
nissan altimaNissan Motor Co has said that it will recall about 870,000 Nissan cars in the United States and Canada for potentially faulty hood latches. This marks the third time since 2014 the automaker has recalled vehicles to address this problem. The U.S. National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, said on Friday that 846,000 vehicles in the United States would be recalled as it has received complaints from owners of Altimas whose hoods unexpectedly opened. To be noted is that Nissan Altimas accounted for about 25 percent of Nissan brand’s US sales last year. The Japanese automaker said it is recalling the 2013-2015 Nissan Altima, because its secondary hood latch may bind on account of improperly applied rust coating and remain in the unlatched position when the hood is closed. That could result in the hood unexpectedly opening while driving. Now dealers would replace the hood latches of the recalled cars with a new one starting from next month. The new hood latch has an improved coating designed to avoid rust. Prior recall fixes included inspecting and cleaning the hood latch and applying a lubricant.

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