Nintendo moved more than 1.75 million consoles in November, hypes Black Friday sales

Nintendo moved more than 1.75 million consoles in November, hypes Black Friday sales

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Dec 7, 2012
Kyoto’s gaming giant isn’t content with bragging about its Black Friday sales alone — it wants the world to know how it did for the entire month of November. According to NPD data, Nintendo sold over 1.75 million hardware units last month, marking the company’s 36th 30-day sales period since 2004 to breach the seven digit threshold. Although handheld consoles take up the lion’s share of sales (910,000 units), the Wii U’s 425,000 launch week accounts for almost a quarter of the total — more than enough to secure its status as a “must-have” product, according Nintendo. Sure, the fledgling console didn’t beat out its predecessor’s first week, but Mario’s alma mater optimistically notes that more than half of Wii U sales were accompanied by a copy of New Super Mario Bros. U. Slide on past the break for Nintendo’s official November sales press release.

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