The New HTC One M8 review

The New HTC One M8 review


Apr 16, 2014
New HTC One M8 review About HTC One M8: HTC has once again proved itself by coming up with its new stylish HTC One M8 Smartphone. HTC has always been particular about the looks, display and aesthetics of its products. And this time also it has shown it in its HTC One M8. Trying its level best to come up with unique and desirable features, HTC has worked upon the design and memory aspect in its HTC One M8. After being awarded for its most beautiful looking smartphone in the year 2013, HTC has also tried to continue that legacy in HTC One M8. By making a fresh designing, HTC has power packed its HTC One M8 with great power and features. Let us explore HTC One M8 in much detail. Features and Technical Specifications: 1. Body: HTC One M8 has followed the trend of iPhone 5S and is very much being compared with each other. The outer body of HTC is steel made and has been given a metallic finish to it. HTC has worked in enhancing the designing part of this phone to a great extent. The dimension of this phone is 146.4 x 70.6 x 9.4 mm which is quite large in size in comparison to other current phones in market. The phone weighs 160 grams. 2. Display: The 5 inches HTC One M8 has a screen resolution of 1080 x 1920 pixels i.e. 441 ppi pixel density. The screen has a Super LCD 3 capacitive touchscreen which makes the display look bright and attractive. The phone is a multi touch one. The screen is protected with a Corning Gorilla Glass 3 which is quite evident and available in some of the recent phones and Tablets in market. 3. Processor: The HTC One M8 is equipped with an Android OS 4.4.2 Kit Kat version which the latest OS from the Android systems. The chipset is Qualcomm Snapdragon 801 and the CPU is Quad core 2.3 GHz. 4. Memory: HTC has worked deeply on the memory part in HTC One M8. It has expanded the memory storage and has introduced the microSD to store up to 128 GB of memory. The internal memory is 16/32 GB with 2 GB RAM. 5. Camera: HTC One M8 is equipped with primary as well as secondary camera. The primary camera is of 4 MP while the secondary one is of 5 MP. The camera can capture high quality video with 1080p @ 60fps and 720p @ 60fps. The user can shoot and capture moments by checking out various options like panorama, HDR, smile and face detection, geo – tagging, etc. 6. Connectivity: HTC One M8 has all the advanced connectivity features. It is enabled with GPRS, EDGE, WLAN, Bluetooth V4.0, NFC, Infrared Port and USB. The USB is micro USB v2.0. 7. Battery: The HTC One M8 has non removable Li – Po 2600 mAH battery. It ensures a talk time of 14 hours on 2G and up to 20 hours on 3G.

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