Netflix coming up with an Artificial Brain for giving recommendations

Netflix coming up with an Artificial Brain for giving recommendations


Feb 25, 2014
Netflix Coming up with an Artificial Brain Introduction: Netflix Netflix is a multinational company that provides video rental and internet streaming media services on demand. Netflix is an American service provider which is headquartered in Los Gatos, California. It provides its services to the viewers living in North America, South America, Caribbean region, European countries and United Kingdom. Netflix was established in the year 1997. Within a period of one decade plus, Netflix has gained immense success and popularity worldwide. It is considered as one of the finest companies who has done immensely well with respect to revenue, market capitalization, cultural impact and growth. Netflix is providing its services in different areas namely, Internet Video Streaming, renting out DVDs and Device support for hardware, software, video games, set top box, television, handheld devices and Blu – ray Disc players. Idea of building an Artificial Brain: Continuing with its regular services, Netflix is venturing into a new field which would act as a recommendation engine for people. Basically, Netflix is in a phase of building an artificial brain for seeking recommendations and information. It is providing streaming services for viewing movies, videos, etc… Almost each one of us enjoys watching movies. In each and every week we almost come across one new movie getting released. But we tend to wait for the review before viewing movies in theaters, cinemas, etc… Hence, Netflix is developing a search engine which will provide online recommendation for movies. It will also recommend the movie details and show timings. The system will be created in a way that will understand the tastes of the users. The system will also act upon the voice commands and understand his or her need. Netflix has hired eminent researchers and scientist globally for developing this search machine. Netflix is implementing deep learning in its system. A deep learning is a part or a subject in artificial intelligence that works deeply upon solving hard problems as the human brain does. It is working in lines of Facebook and Google. These giants have also come up with scientists who have introduced features enabling voice recognition and image tagging. However, Netflix is not following Facebook and Google completely. Amazon’s cloud service will be used by Netflix for performing its algorithms. These algorithms will involve very technical subject like neural networks. A neural network simulates neurons that send out signals across the brain from front to back. The study of algorithm is going deeper and deeper. It is going to outperform functions like identifying photos, know the likes and dislikes and respond to voice commands. The latest gadgets are being equipped with Qualcomm processor. However, these deep learning tools are running on Graphical processing Unit (GPU). Google and Facebook build their neural networks with the help of GPUs. Amazon cloud service is used in order to run software with ease. These initiatives by Netflix motivate small size companies in implementing artificial brain in their system. This system will be different than Google, Bing and Facebook.

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