Moto E review: The best gateway to Android for beginners

Moto E review: The best gateway to Android for beginners


May 27, 2014
About Moto E: With spectacular, versatile and mind blowing smartphones, Motorola has indeed swung the market to a great extent. With its recent smartphones Moto X, Moto G and now Moto E, Motorola has put effort to offer distinguished features in affordable price range for the masses. The not much talked brand is now a talk of the time. Where already present players namely Sony, Samsung, LG, Apple, etc… were playing amongst themselves, they are now facing a tough competition from Motorola. Moto E, the recent smartphone of Motorola launched in this month of May. Equipped with latest Android OS, the phone has indeed raised the bar and level for Android beginners. Detailed Understanding of Specifications: Moto E 1. Body: Motorola has struggled to launch its smartphones with unmatched features, specifications and quality. With compact measurements, Moto E measures at 4.91 x 2.55 x 0.48 inches. Weighing at just 142 grams, Moto E successfully made it in the bracket of light weight and compact smartphones. With easy portability and no carrying hassles, Moto E is simply a splendid phone. 2. Display: With a noticeable resemblance with Moto G, the display of Moto E is also striking and eye pleasing. With a capacitive touchscreen display, Moto E allows its users to experience a soft touch while accessing several features of the phone. With a 4.3 inches screen, the phone is quite apt for consumers who prefer small screen devices. With Corning Gorilla Glass 3, Moto E shares the same screen space like the high end phones. The pixels in screen are 540 x 960 pixels. 3. Memory: Memory is one of the key features which have made it in the list of factors responsible for purchasing a smartphone. With 1 GB RAM, the smartphone sufficiently aids in supporting several apps in Android Play Store. A slot for microSD is ideal for supporting memory card upto 32 GB. An internal memory of 4 GB supports great storage of albums, songs, videos, etc. 4. Operating System and Processor: Equipped with the latest Android Operating System 4.4.2 KitKat version, Moto E has raised the standards for smartphones available in affordable price range. With a Dual Core 1.2 GHz Cortex A 7 processor, the user would not feel any disturbance while the phone is functioning. The chipset of Moto E is Qualcomm Snapdragon200 while GPU is Adreno 302. These features are the latest ones in all the handsets available in a higher price band. 5. Camera: As far as camera is concerned, it can turn out to be a disappointing feature for the users. With a mere 5 MP camera, the picture quality might not turn out to be a breathe taking one. However, there is only one camera in the phone. Hence the magic of capturing selfies cannot be experienced in this smartphone. The camera only supports a single feature of Geo tagging in Moto E. 6. Connectivity: With respect to connectivity features, Moto E supports Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, WLAN and USB. The smartphones supports GPRS and EDGE network as well.

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