Microsoft reveals Programs for Xbox Original TV programs

Microsoft reveals Programs for Xbox Original TV programs


May 6, 2014

Microsoft reveals Programs for Xbox Original TV programs

Microsoft reveals program for Xbox Original TV programs

Microsoft has been in news from last one year with respect to its brand Xbox. Microsoft has recently revealed about the series of original shows that are soon going to be aired exclusively for their Xbox users. On confirming about this speculation for their Xbox series, the executive president, Mr. Jordon Levin of Xbox Entertainment studios said, “Microsoft has a long and rich legacy in the content business. Games have been part of our DNA for at least the last 15 years, and creating original TV content is a logical next step in our evolution.” Microsoft is quite in news these days for launching content for its Xbox games. The company will be launching twelve shows in the beginning of June 2014 leading it to further extensions. The production of Xbox originals has been confirmed to be undertaken outside Microsoft, exclusively for Xbox One, Xbox 360 and other devices of Microsoft. Xbox Originals would not only comprise of TV shows but it would also comprise of various interactive elements as well. Xbox has immensely contributed towards the entertainment of game lovers. Apart from Microsoft, several other internet outlets namely Amazon, Hulu and Netflix have already purchased the original content as well.

Projects ready for launch:

1. Halo TV Series: This live action TV series will be exclusively produced and presented by the legendary director of Hollywood, Steven Spielberg. 2. Every Street United TV Series: This series is divided into 8 episodes which will explore eight different countries starting from Argentina and ending at South Korea. The objective of this game is to identify talented as well as infamous street soccer players who will eventually play this game of one hour. 3. Bonnaroo: This show is an interesting one for the music lovers. This show will conduct a live screening of the music festival which will be held from June 13 to June 15. The channel being live will also enable the user to check out if any friends are present in the festival or not. 4. Signal to Noise: Signal to Noise will feature documentary series in six different parts which will be produced by Simon Chinn, producer of Searching for Sugar Man and Man on Wire and Jonathan Chinn, an Emmy winner. The series will focus on the technological development that has taken place in the lives of people. 5. Humans: The show is a Swedish one which is adapted on the show Real Humans. The show revolved around a family and their communications with an eerie device known as Synth. 6. Halo Digital Feature: The show will be produced by renowned producers and directors Ridley Scott and Sergio Mimica Gezzan respectively. Currently information with respect to the above six shows is available that will be on air in the beginning of the month of June. The development of post six shows are in progress.

Projects in progress:

The development and production of the remaining six shows are into progress. The shows are named as Deadlands, Extraordinary Believers, Fearless, Gun Machine, Untitled JASH Comedy/Variety Half Hour and Winterworld.  

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