Microsoft Doubles Support on Apple’s Venture for Unhackable Phone

Microsoft Doubles Support on Apple’s Venture for Unhackable Phone


Mar 2, 2016
microsoft on AppleMicrosoft had already shown its support for the ongoing legal battle and on Tuesday it continued its support in Apple’s ongoing legal battle with the Justice Department over helping to unlock a disputed iPhone used by a shooter during the San Bernardino attacks. This happened at the annual RSA Conference on cyber security when Microsoft chief legal counsel, Brad Smith reiterated the need for businesses to work together and speak up against the government’s call for easier access to encrypted data. Smith added “When it comes to security there is no technology that is more important than encryption”. “We need to make sure encryption technology remains strong.” However, Smith also noted that technology companies also occasionally comply with government requests to aid in terrorist investigations. In the days after the Paris terrorist attacks last fall, he said Microsoft received 14 court orders seeking information about the attack and stated that Microsoft had determined that they were lawful requests and then responded to all of them in an average “of under 30 minutes.” “We do play our role in the industry,” Smith said to emphasize his company’s cooperation with law enforcement. Apple alleges that a court order requiring it to build software that would more easily allow law enforcement to obtain data from a locked iPhone would undermine its efforts to encrypt customer data. It is to be noted that Microsoft MSFT 3.34% , along with Google GOOG 3.02% and other technology companies, has sided with Apple AAPL 3.97% in the case. Seems that the battle between the public and private sector over cyber security has united a handful of rivals including Microsoft and Apple.

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Cybersecurity is the practice of protecting computer systems, networks, and data from digital attacks. It includes measures like firewalls, antivirus software, and encryption.

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