Microsoft Buys Email App Accompli

Microsoft Buys Email App Accompli


Dec 31, 2014
Microsoft buys email app Accompli Microsoft is said to have bought the mobile email management app Accompli. The deal is reported to be more than $200 million. This app is the best for people to easily manage their mail on the handset itself. It can be used in Google Android or Apple iOS operating systems. This is one app which provides people with fantastic email experiences on the go. Since half the email messages are first read on the mobile device this app is apt for people. The Accompli app provides novel routes to focus on what is vital in your inbox. This app can be used for scheduling meetings and also work with attachments and files. This app is going to become a part of Microsoft’s motivated effort to envisage the productivity for the mobile world. Better Experience The Accompli app can make the mobile email experience better and with the takeover by Microsoft the app can reach more number of customer all over the world.  Microsoft announced about the acquisition a bit early but have confirmed says reliable sources. With this acquisition Microsoft is ready to take on the likes of iPhone and Android head one and this is according to the Microsoft CEO’s focus on cross platform technologies. The reason why Microsoft was attracted to Accompli is because of the power of this email app.  The aim of the company is to bring in interesting and incredible cross platform apps to support the variety of email services people exercise today and the customers to achieve more than what they get now. Accompli sources said that the team is working overtime and at a fast pace to improve and add new functions every couple of weeks. Mobile Equivalent of MS Outlook Accompli can be considered as the mobile equivalent of MS Outlook. With the Microsoft Exchange support the customer can have one tap integration with calendars and other simple method to access the recent emailed files and contacts. Accompli app is a professional status email app and it is quickly catching the attention of many businesses and it keep away from third party email apps because of the lack of Exchange support. The app can be used for combining contacts and calendar and apart from that it can make the mail into a single interface that work well to systematize meetings and communications. Microsoft has still not revealed the plans for Accompli but the chances are that the company will incorporate the app into the Office 365. The company recently shifted its OneDrive cloud storage team under the Office team. Rational Move Microsoft is planning to position Office for a mobile and cloud future with better incorporation with Dropbox and free apps for iOS and Android. It is believed that Accompli is the next rational move in the progression of Office. This app also allows Microsoft to offer another prolific app or service across several platforms. Independent Accompli will work within the Office 365 organisation but will function as an independent group building email products for Android and Apple iOS platforms. The app is in use already supporting the Microsoft Exchange email and Office 365 for accessing of files and its incorporation with Microsoft will open to larger opportunities to tie the two companies and their products together.      

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