Mercedes Benz GLC SUV to be seen in India soon

Mercedes Benz GLC SUV to be seen in India soon


Apr 9, 2016
Mercedes Benz India has been finding some good market space in the past few years are and now gearing up for the launch of its C-Class SUV- GLC in the Indian auto market. This is likely to launch in the month of June 2016 and the Mercedes GLC was showcased at Delhi Auto Expo 2016. It is to be noted that this was previously recognized as GLK and the official debut of the C-Class SUV was made in June 2015 and later arrived at Delhi Auto Expo in February. This GLC SUV is also said to be a part of the company’s 12-launch strategy for the year 2016. When we have a look on the exteriors, the Mercedes Benz GLC SUV it gets a dimensional radiator grille along with twin louvre and centrally positioned company insignia, striking headlamps, optional LED High performance headlamps as well as a distinctive night design. The new Mercedes Benz GLC SUV is expected to be much lighter in weight compared to its predecessor and all thanks to its C-Class MRA architecture that employs considerable amount of aluminium. In terms of style the car bears much of resemblance with its sibling sedan and also gets much longer wheelbase when compared to the GLK. The new Mercedes Benz GLC SUV will also be better in terms of design, comfort and interiors compared to the previous models. On the inside, the overall dashboard design, infotainment system, Burmester system and safety package are likely to be borrowed from the C-Class trim. Under the hood, the India spec Mercedes Benz GLC SUV will be powered by a 2.1-litre 4- cylinder diesel engine that will be mated to a 9-speed gearbox along with 4MATIC all-wheel drive system. The car is likely to be priced at INR 45 lakh and the new Mercedes Benz GLC SUV will be positioned below the GLE. So this car is definitely all set to heat up the segment by competing against the Audi Q3 and the BMW X1. Also Mercedes Benz India is confident that this release will help them push upwards in the luxury segment in India.

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