McLaren experimenting with MSO 650S concept

McLaren experimenting with MSO 650S concept


May 6, 2014
McLaren experimenting with MSO 650S concept
McLaren MSO 650S concept
Revealing the recent images of MSO 6505, McLaren has again made itself visible in the news of hot listers. MSO, McLaren Special Operations is the customized division of McLaren Automotive. They have recently released the images of their new car MSO 650S Coupe Concept. The concept of MSO is designed and engineered to make upgrades in its very own McLaren 650S Coupe and 650S Spider. McLaren has announced and revealed its MSO 650S model which is on display throughout China. The model comprises of a wide range of MSO features. It also comprises of carbon fibre rear diffuser which is completely unique and novel in market. MSO branded side blades made up of carbon fibre are also installed in this model. After successful tour in China, the model will enter other countries across the globe as well. The interiors of this concept car is equipped with fixed carbon fibre racing seats that are already developed as light weighed. This design can be well seen in McLaren P1. The racing seats are covered with finished carbon black leather. The seats are placed in a way that comforts the occupant to stay low in the car for enhanced support for upper as well as lower body. The seats are light in weight in order to reduce the weight of 650S by 15 kilos. The satin fibre touches every part of the cabin extending upto the switch gear. The bezels complement well in contrast gloss black color for giving a sporty look to the cabin. The in-house plant of McLaren develops “Agrigan Black” paint for giving a deep ruby red color to the metallic flakes in the MSO 650S Coupe. The paint has been chosen in a way that it gives a different look when the car is exposed in sunlight. It makes the car all the more stylish and trendy in look. The interiors of 650S have a satin finished carbon fibre highlighted throughout the cabin. The carbon fibre is light in weight. The satin finish gives a premium and supreme look to the cabin. Apart from this, it also improvises the airflow’s across the body of the car. The exclusive customers of McLaren can get suggested changes done in the MSO as well. The concept of MSO 650S has been presented as a one off study. It monitors reaction regarding any example with respect to potential production. These styling design are quite customized and can be well fitted in 12C as well. In the rear side of this concept, the GT3 bumper is featuring a section of carbon fibre center. The material is light in weight and goes through carbon fibre air brake and MSO rear diffuser. The side blades of MSO and its rear diffuser can be ordered for availability from the McLaren retailers. The MSO blades are priced at 5114 pounds while the rear diffuser is priced at 7245 pounds for the very new 650S. On the happy side, MSO side blades and rear diffuser can be easily fitted in 12C model as well.   Image Gallery [metaslider id=1692]

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