Mark Zuckerberg Has Obtained a Restraining Order Against His Stalker

Mark Zuckerberg Has Obtained a Restraining Order Against His Stalker


Feb 10, 2011
Mark Zuckerberg has obtained a restraining order against a man who took the term “Facebook stalking” to a literal level. According to TMZ, 31-year-old Pradeep Manukonda sent Facebook’s CEO messages through Facebook, left flowers and a handwritten note at his home, and showed up at several Facebook offices looking for him. At one point, security intercepted Manukonda walking up to Zuckerberg’s home. According to the handwritten note and Facebook wall posts obtained by TMZ, Manukonda consistently referenced a problem that he wanted Zuckerberg to help him with. “Thank you for your valuable time and attention towards my problem,” the note reads. The wall post, left on Randi Zuckerberg’s wall, takes a more drastic approach. “I owe my entire life to your service .. please help me, then I am ready to die for you,” it reads. A judge ordered Manukonda to stay at least 300 yards away from Zuckerberg, his sister and his girlfriend. In a later interview with TMZ, Manukonda apologized for his behavior. “I’m a peaceful guy … I’m sorry he thought I was trying to harm him,” he said. Mark-Zuckerberg-facebook

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