Magneto shoes that makes you walk on your ceiling by DIY Xmen

Magneto shoes that makes you walk on your ceiling by DIY Xmen


Aug 13, 2014
Magneto shoes that makes you walk on your ceiling by DIY Xmen The X-men’s film series had left the audience quite alarming with its unique graphics, effects, characters, storyline, etc… An adaption of X – Men series of Marvel comics, the viewers were quite surprised and pleased to view a beautiful implementation of every role performed for human mutant. Be it Wolverine’s sharp edged claws, Pyro’s flame and fire controlling ability or Magneto’s exceptional control on magnetism, it really swayed the people for imitation. What it would be to see these graphics being performed in real sense? X-men’s crazy Fanboy has definitely done that. Right from starting with developing functional claws like Wolverine, this crazy fan of X-men has developed a device that could imitate similar magnetic controlling activities as done by Magneto. Now who is this fanboy? This fanboy is none other than the famous DIY X-men Colin Furze. Colin Furze is basically a plumber, filmmaker, inventor and stuntman residing in Lincolnshire, England. Colin with his craze and madness for plumbing and engineering repeatedly develops objects that are quite seen in movies along with ones that come out from his own creative ideas. Colin Furze is renowned as X-men’s Mad Fanboy. He develops such weird objects that can leave people behind with a great shock in mind. He has also been behind bars due to his flame throwing act. Recently, Colin Furze selected Magneto as his next weird creation. The recent invention of Colin Furze is none other than one from X-men Series Magneto. In order to give honor to this character, Colin developed magnetic shoes after his name Magneto shoes. Development of Magneto Shoes: Colin Furze’s recent development Magneto has popularized him even more. Before stunning people with his weird Wolverine claws and Pyro’s fire he thought to alarm people with Magneto shoes. As Magneto possessed the capability of dealing metal from a distance by hands and body, Colin too tried to do the same. Hence, in order to come up with this weirdo act, Colin Furze developed magnetic shoes that could help him in walking upside down easily on ceiling of metal strips. Furze took a pair of old vans and drilled holes in them. He then attached electromagnets with it and charged them up. But when he tested it, the magnets were failing on power as they were not able to hold him up tightly. As a result of this, stronger and heavier magnets were required by Colin. Since Colin was not willing to invest excessive money on superior magnets, he came up with this idea of converting transformers of microwave into electromagnets. Then Furze went towards scrap yard and found five useful microwaves for his product and immediately brought them back home. He then welded some shoe attachments alongwith switches for controlling each one of them. Furze then took few dry tests. His first reaction was, “, “Physically hanging from the ceiling is quite demanding, so trying to walk across it is going to be even more difficult.” Walking upside down is not a child’s play. It requires great amount of practice. Magnets should be strapped to the shoes after which practicing is not an easy task.  

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