Lamborghini presents 610hp Huracan luxury super sports car

Lamborghini presents 610hp Huracan luxury super sports car


Jan 4, 2014
Lamborghini_Huracan Huracan Sports Car being presented by Lamborghini! Lamborghini has always been considered as one of the classiest and luxurious cars in the world. Considered to be the coolest car, a new name is soon going to be added to the long list of classy Lamborghini cars. Gallardo by Lamborghini which is a decade old car from the company is being replaced with super luxurious Huracan. Recently unveiled, this car is slicker, lighter and powerful model from Lamborghini. No doubt, this car is going to prove a worthy successor to Gallardo. Huracan will be up for debut next year for the public. Luxurious sports car from Lamborghini

Lamborghini-Huracán side view

Lamborghini has always launched models straight from the bullfighting world. The names are reminder of this fact as Gallardo, Murciellago, Aventador and many more. Huracan is the name of a fighting bull belonging to Conte de la Patilla Spanish breed. This bull was known for its extraordinary courage. It was blessed with a strong sense of defending and attacking. Style personified Lamborghini-Huracan rear Release of Huracan from Lamborghini is referred not just as a super car rather as luxury sports super car. This phrase explains a lot about this car. It also indicates mission of the automaker for replacing Gallardo not being as hardcore as being considered. The performance of this car is considered to be as sharp as the edge of a razor even when a lot of variants come into the market. Exterior design

Lamborghini Huracan Front

Huracan exteriors are unique and elegant. Though, it is clearly a step ahead from Gallardo, its designing is not too complicated. It is more like coupe shaped as wedge in detail. With sheet metal, handles of the door sits flush thereby levering outwards just like as seen in Jaguar F-Type. Wide and sturdy looks of this vehicle looks better than its predecessor, though, until and unless, it is launched publicly, nothing can be said with certainty. Sides were deeply sunken and large in Gallardo and in Huracan, these sides have been further shrunken to a significant level. They have been so shrunken that they sit low close to the rear wheels. There is no clarity about overall shape of the car but car experts believe that it is expected to be similar to gigantic intakes of Aventador. Clean execution of Huracan styling is going to make it centre of attraction among sports car enthusiasts. 1512100_10152060175641461_312089510_o Complete LED illumination is featured in Huracan headlamps and remaining lights in the car are also high end LED lights, Tail light and headlamps can be seen in Y shaped designing similar to Aventador. Interior Design Lamborghini-Huracan-Interior Interiors of the car are expected to be a notch above than Gallardo. It will look like a cockpit and the design is quite similar to the one seen in Aventador with slight difference in angularity. A little difference can also be seen in architectural execution. TFT instrument in 12.3 in full color is set before the driver. It offers a wide array of information about the vehicle to the driver like infotainment, navigational maps and many more. Beautiful and luxurious interiors ensure sporty as well as elegant feel to the car.

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