Kwid- Off to find success in Zambia

Kwid- Off to find success in Zambia


Dec 23, 2015
renault-kwid With the striding victory of the new small car Kwid in India, the French auto maker is now looking to explore the market for the small hatch back in the Southern African country of Zambia. F-One Hazida, the sole distributor of Renault cars in Zambia, is planning to bring the new Renault Kwid to the country in early 2016. Renault Kwid, which is expected to challenge the used car market in Zambia with its affordable price tag, will go on sale in the country with prices starting at USD 15,900 (Rs 10.53 lakh) inclusive of all taxes and VAT. Shabbir Mulla, Sales and Marketing Director of F-One Hazida, stated that the company was targeting first-time buyers seeking a quality and reliable purchase. He added that the preliminary sales projection is 60 units in 2016. He also added that they have been taking orders for the Kwid and have had a few pre-orders already. 0_0_0_http--- The Kwid, the first car to be built on the CMF-A platform, offers the best-in-class mileage at 25.17kmpl. In India, Kwid is offered in four variants — Standard, RxE, RxL and RxT. Under the hood, Kwid gets 799cc 3-cylinder petrol motor, which is tuned to churn out 53bhp and a peak torque of 72Nm with a 5-speed manual gearbox.

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