kinect 2 official windows support to be launched soon

kinect 2 official windows support to be launched soon


Apr 17, 2014
Kinect2-official-windows-supportThe senior program manager for Microsoft’s Kinect, Chris White, had recently confirmed about the second version of Kinect at the National Retail Federation which was held in New York. The word “Kinect” recalls us about Xbox 360. Kinect is the motion sensor technology that was developed and launched by Microsoft in the year 2010. After the success of Kinect, the multinational giant decided to come up with Kinect 2 that would be an official Windows support which will act as a sensor for the Windows system. Microsoft Windows is striving hard to come closer to its goal for releasing their sensor technology for their systems by the end of this year. Kinect 2 looks very similar to its previous version Kinect which was developed solely for Xbox. The top panel of the device states “Kinect” while the “X” which was a stylized green colored mark in Xbox forms the power indicator in the Kinect 2 device. The second generation Kinect is equipped with Windows hub and power supply. It is power packed with USB 3.0 output for PC, power and sensor. The power supply can support a voltage of 100 to 240 volts. Microsoft had come up with a closed Kinect which was meant for Windows V2 developer program in the summer of 2013. The Kinect device for Xbox was utilized for navigation and gaming purpose only. However, the extended version of Kinect namely Kinect 2 will support a large number of applications post implementation for Windows system. It has numerous advantages which can be experienced only after it is available in the market. For example: Nine inch nails took the support of Kinect for coming up with different and unique specialized effects that were readily seen in the retail segment. Apart from this, Kinect has also been innovatively used for border surveillance. Although a fair idea about Kinect 2 is still not clear, the product is being highly speculated on grounds of its usability. However, Microsoft has a team of expert developers that are still creating applications with the help of the new SDK. The final product Kinect 2 is expected to be available between July and September. Recently Chris White of Microsoft said, “We are getting closer and closer to launch and that we are expecting to launch Kinect 2 between July and September of this year.” According to a recent post by 123Kinect it has been known that the Kinect 2 will be sporting a swivel HD 1080 p camera which will have a resolution of 1920 x 1080. That is, it will support around 30 frames per second. The developers have improvised a lot over the specifications of first version of Kinect. Kinect 2 is expected to come up with innovative features and implementations for numerous product development companies. With unique features from the first version and extended features in this model, Kinect 2 is expected to stand out from the crowd. The swivel camera will facilitate people in checking out what apparel can suit on them, what is best for them, etc.

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