Jason Chen: Gizmodo Editor, Apple Employee?

Jason Chen: Gizmodo Editor, Apple Employee?


Feb 8, 2011
Either a writer at Luxembourgish newspaper L’essentiel is very confused or we’ve all been seriously deceived. Whichever the case, there’s definitely an article claiming that Gizmodo Editor Jason Chen is “an official from Apple.” The above passage was found in an article about the new Mac App Store and translates like this: “There will be a Mac App Store. This is the best place to discover the applications. This is not the only one, but the best,” boasted Jason Chen, an official from Apple. This translation was done by Google Translate and confirmed with several French speakers for accuracy. We suspect (and hope) that we all overlooked an alternate meaning for the keywords and that our dear fearless leader is not secretly Steve Jobs’ coworker. But if he is, then we all expect new Apple gadgets for Christmas. [Thanks to Charel of TouchBite for the images!] Update: Our counterparts at Gizmodo France sent us a note to say that the translation “is 100% correct” and that “there is no alternate meaning for this sentence.” Uh oh.

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