iPad Mini 2: Release date, price, specs, news and rumours

iPad Mini 2: Release date, price, specs, news and rumours


Dec 7, 2012
Although the iPad mini only went on sale in November, there are already rumours to be found regarding the next iteration of the device. Apple, as is its custom, will never be drawn on speculation about upcoming devices – but that hasn’t stopped the whisperings circulating around the internet.


Apple iPad mini 2 – Screen

Probably the biggest gripe with Apple’s first entrant in the small screened tablet market was the resolution of its screen. With just a 1024 x 768 pixel resolution and 163 pixels per inch, it was the same tech we first saw on the iPad 2 and those dastardly pixels were easy to spot. Compare that resolution to its two main competitors, Google’s Nexus 7 and Amazon’s Kindle Fire HD which both sit at 1280 x 800, you can see it was outdated before it was even released. Apple will surely rectify this with its follow up and sources coming out of China say AU Opotronics, the company who manufacture screens for Apple, have already started work on a 2048 x 1536 display which has a definitely retina moniker worthy 324 ppi. Source: Slashgear

Apple iPad mini 2 – release date

Apple had pretty much stuck with a yearly release cycle of its iOS devices until it dropped the fourth generation of the iPad barely 6 months after the third. So is Apple’s release schedule all up in the air? Sources seem to think not, with many believing the iPad mini 2 will in fact live on until its first birthday without being replaced.

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