Implementing Artificial Intelligence at TED Talk by XPrize

Implementing Artificial Intelligence at TED Talk by XPrize


Apr 10, 2014
An Overview: XPrize and TED Working with the sole motto of “Making Impossible Possible”, XPrize foundation is a not for profit body which conducts incentivized competitions for bringing radical developments and progressions for benefiting mankind. XPrize is an award which is given in the form of monetary gain. It is given to the first team which succeeds in achieving a specific or unique goal. XPrize believes in benefiting the human race. It includes five different groups namely Life Sciences, Energy and Environment, Global Development and Learning and Exploration. TED is referred as Technology, Entertainment and Design. TED is a Global Platform which invites aspirants and companies from these three fields to present their unique inventions.

TED Talk by XPrize:

Talks at TED are much followed ones. It is a great platform for delivering innovative talks by the experts. TED has become highly popular amongst the masses and so the event organizers at TED have become very choosy in selecting their panel of speakers. The speakers at TED successful captivate and compel their listeners to complete hook to their speech. Getting and staying connected with the audience is a great art to master upon. Hence, on March 20, XPrize finally launched its association with TED. The latest competition that is being organized by XPrize foundation will be in association with TED. The competition will include talks by artificial intelligence device without any human support or assistance. The competition announced by XPrize is named as “Turing Test”. The Turing Test is the test of today’s modern life. The competition by XPrize Foundation will be won by only one person or group which successfully comes up with the first artificial intelligence device that can give a TED Talk and call for a standing ovation from the audience and panel. The rules and regulations of this competition have yet not been finalized. It has been only known that the competitors can present an artificial intelligence robot with disembodied voice. The robots will be asked to give a 3 minute speech whose topics will be provided 30 minutes prior to competition. The robots have to compose and speak out a lecture on the given topic in a live manner. The robots should use an engaging body language and creative style of presentation. Post speech, the robots should be able to answer two questions from the panel. The winner of the competition will be decided on the basis of standing ovation and applauds. However, the best part of this competition is that XPrize Foundation has still not freeze upon these rules. The organization invites ideas from the readers as well. Interested people can easily give their ideas, suggestions and feedback on this initiative taken by XPrize. People can also be a part of this competition by giving ideas that can bring changes and development for human race. The final details about this competition will be rolled out once XPrize receives all the suggestions from the open public. Also, XPrize in association with the TED Panel will decide upon the structure of this competition and later announce it.

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