iHear Low cost invisible hearing aids available on Internet

iHear Low cost invisible hearing aids available on Internet


Apr 2, 2014
iHear Low cost invisible hearing aids The Hearing Loss Association of America has surveyed the census of USA for knowing the percentage of hearing impaired patients in their country. The study revealed that 20% of the American population is suffering from different levels of hearing loss problems. The degree of loss varies from person to person. Since the costs of consultation and hearing aid exceed the budget of the patients, they tend to refrain from continuing the treatment. As a result, the problem starts rising to higher levels. Thus in order to meet the cost issue of hearing impaired patients, Adnand Shennib came up with a spectacular device of hearing impaired patients. This device is known as iHear. What is iHear? Adnand Shennib is the mastermind behind the concept of the product iHear. He had understood the gap between low cost local hearing aids and the prescribed aid kits by doctor. Since, people could not afford the high cost hearing kits, Adnand decided to come up with a high end low cost hearing aid. Adnand is a biomedical engineer by profession and is consistently coming up with superior hearing aids in the Silicon Valley. iHear is an invisible hearing device which is a low cost personalized aid. The user can very easily test the level or degree of hearing problem and similarly adjust the aid as per his or her requirement. iHear is pretty small in size and gets easily fit inside the ear. iHear is the first hearing aid which is very low in cost and can be customized or personalized as per the user’s requirement. The kit comprises of a test kit, a USB device, an online platform and a mini hearing device similar to the size of kidney bean. This device gets easily fit in the ear canal. How to use it? i hear hearing aid The user needs to follow a step by step process for using iHear. Firstly, the test kit will be utilized in order to check the degree of hearing loss. The first process can be done independently with great ease. The user can test the degree of his hearing impairment by connecting the iHear testing kit into the USB drive. This USB drive will then be plugged to the computer along with specially made headphones inside ears. After the system is completely plugged, an online diagnostic device will describe the degree of loss. These details are then received by iHear team. Based on the data received, they develop the iHear device and ship it to the user. The user can easily fit the device inside the ear canal and adjust specific requirements. The Hearing Loss Association of America considers iHear to be a successful invention because the users can very easily conduct their hearing test and independently adjust their device online. This online platform ensures to save a lot of cost and develop low cost hearing aids for people. By coming up with these high end low cost hearing aids, large number of hearing impaired people can afford to buy one. Although it will meet varied degree of loss like mild, moderate, high frequency, etc… yet it would not be suitable for extreme or complete hearing loss patients. iHear Low cost invisible hearing aids available on Indiegogo

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