If You’re Thinking About Getting a WebOS Phone, Wait for the New Stuff

If You’re Thinking About Getting a WebOS Phone, Wait for the New Stuff

Mobile Technology

Feb 10, 2011
xlarge_palmpreeeehd Palm HP announced a lot of really great stuff today! The TouchPad, Palm Pre 3 and Veer (which might be my favorite, because it is tiny and adorable like a puppy). And they’re the only products guaranteed to get webOS 3.0. Funny thing is, HP is actually launching a product tomorrow: Verizon’s taking pre-orders for the Pre 2. You might be thinking to yourself, “Great, I can buy it now and get all of that cool webOS 3.0 stuff on my phone later!” Well, don’t be so sure. Palm literally doesn’t know if the Pre 2 is going to be updated to webOS 3.0 that’s running on the TouchPad and eventually on the Pre 3 and Veer. It might. Or it might not. But it’s a little disconcerting Palm doesn’t know. And since Palm’s VP of Product Marketing Stephane Maes told us they’re not really going to push the Pre 2 very hard—meaning it was every bit the stopgap product we thought—I’d think reallllly hard about throwing down cash on it. Oh, and if you own a Pre or Pixi or their Plus variants? You’re not even getting the latest webOS shown off today. End of the road. Hate to sound like a broken record of late, but consider waiting for the new stuff. It is all quite spiffy.

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