Huawei E303C Data Card review

Huawei E303C Data Card review


Apr 1, 2014
Huawei E303C Data Card Today everything is possible by the magic of one click. We are search and know about anything and everything existing in this universe. Huawei has always been pioneering in the Dongle segment. The introduction of Dongle had made operating internet on move easy. We could have never imagined that we can access internet wherever the possible. But data cards indeed charged the meaning of internet for everyone. Huawei is always coming up with unique features and functioning of Dongle. Recently, it has launched E303C Data Card. The E303C Data card can work well on all the 2G and 3G SIM Cards. It is the major benefit for people who generally access internet on the move. E303C assures to connect well and provide the best coverage response. The built in antennae inside E303C facilitates the dongle to connect with the network towers in range. These days voice call facility is nothing new. It is available in every smartphone existing. But E303C supports the voice call feature by connecting the software with the computer device. Technical Specifications: 1. Appeal: The Huawei E303C Data card comes in the form of a USB Dongle. It appears to be like the regular dongle that is available everywhere. The buyer can choose from black or white color options. 2. System: Huawei E303C data card works on Windows XP. 3. Support: The data card supports 2G and 3G SIMs appropriately. It does not give any non – compatibility issues to the user. 4. Network: Huawei E303C data card supports GPRS, GSM,EDGE, HSDPA, WCDMA and HSUPA network at a speed of 7.2 Mbps. 5. Bandwidth: The bandwidth of GSM working on EDGE or GPRS is 850 MHz, 900 MHz, 1800 MHz and 1900 MHz. 6. Memory: The data card is equipped with an in-built MicroSD card which supports the memory capacity of 32GB. 7.  Add ons: E303C Data Card is equipped with USB 2.0 version. It supports voice call facility. It need not require any sort of set up process. It can be freely plugged in without making any configuration formalities. Simple plug it and play. 8. Warranty: Huawei E303C comes with a seller warranty of 1 year. The customer will borne the charge of sending to the service centre or to the seller in replacement issues. Any sort of physical damage in the form of burn, mishandling, etc… will not be covered in warranty.   Pros: 1. The SIM can be very easily inserted and removed from the dongle without any possibility of getting scratches. 2. The installation process is very simple. Once the dongle is inserted in the computer device, it automatically gets configured with the device. The user need not establish the set up in this case. 3. The dongle has a good reception strength for network connectivity.   Cons: 1. The video calling facility is actually missing in this dongle. 2. The Dongle does not come with a USB Cable which is indeed a very helpful medium to share and transfer data. 3. Black and white color is a limited choice for selection.

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