How to run Dual Whatsapp on your android mobile

How to run Dual Whatsapp on your android mobile


Mar 30, 2016
Dual watsapp has now almost become a necessity with the rising dual sim mobiles and people using two different numbers in the same phone for their official and personal uses. There are a lot of methods to get dual watsapp and I know that people will get the headache after seeing that the Dual Whatsapp requires rooting on your device. But here I have given a Trick that will Not Require any Rooting of your devices. This guide to install dual WhatsApp will work on your basic mobile phone without any extra setting and efforts. Requirement To Run dual Whatsapp on Single Android Mobile Phone
  •  Android Mobile Phone
  •  Internet Connection or Wifi Connection
  •  Download GB Whatsapp Application (Download Link Provided Down)
Benefits of Our Dual Whatsapp App
  •  Latest 2016 Updated App
  •  New Coding for App
  •  Calling Feature Like The Actual Whatsapp
  •  NO Update Error Like OG Whatsapp
  •  No Rooting Required
  •  Hide Last Seen On This Whatsapp
  •  Share Big Files On this Whatsapp
  •  Updated App Without any Bugs and Errors
  •  Premium Latest Advance Features
  •  No Need to uninstall Official Whatsapp
  •  Simple Installation
  •  Extra Emojis to send in messages
  •  Status Visible while chatting
Now after downloading the file search for the file in downloads and install it after accepting the third party install permission from your settings. Now your GBWatsapp is all ready to be used as your second watsapp.

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