HIGHlite Laser WUXGA 3D Projector : Review

HIGHlite Laser WUXGA 3D Projector : Review


Apr 29, 2014

HIGHlite Laser WUXGA 3D Projector

HIGHlite Laser WUXGA 3D Projector:

The projector has been a great tool for displaying contents and ideas at a widespread level. As the technology is spinning up and coming up with newer things, the novelty in projection systems is also pacing up with time. The Digital Projection Systems (DPI) is about to launch its new projector known as HIGHlite Laser WUXGA 3D Projector. The projector will be powered with a 10000 lumen, laser feature along with 20000 hours of free maintenance running time. HIGHlite Laser WUXGA 3D projector has been designed in such a way that once the user has set it, it can then be forgotten upon. It automatically switches off and there is no risk in it as well. We have popularly seen lamps in those traditional projectors. But in HIGHlite Laser WUXGA 3D projector, DPI have replaced these lamps with a highly energized and powerful laser that would be capable enough for developing a solid state of illumination system. The Digital Projection systems had recently unveiled their new projector in March 2014 at ISE 2014.

Technical Understanding: HIGHlite Laser WUXGA 3D projector

1.The key components in HIGHlite Laser WUXGA 3D projector are: 12000 lumens, contrast ratio of 2000: 1 and WUXGA resolution. 2.The DPI Projector comprises of a 3 chip CMD which is termed as DarkChip of 0.67 inches. The resolution of pixels is 1920 x 1200 pixels. The projector works efficiently on pixels region as it can quickly transit the pixels towards an improvised contrast and smooth grey scaling. 3.Processing of Graphic and Videos: The projector comprises of top bottom, frame packing and side by side formats. The displayed frame rates can be well multiplied with the help of triple flash processing. There is an option of Dual Pipe processing which enables the user to project two sources at the same time parallel to the right and left eyes. The projector has analog receiver and high bandwidth digital feature for effective picture quality. It also comprises of 3 GSDI with loop through. The glass can be well synchronized or polarized. The projector is capable enough to detect videos and implement an implementation of 2:2 or 3:2 as it sounds to be appropriate. The native display is of 24p and 1080p. 4.Geometry Correction: The feature of geometry correction comprises of different settings options namely image rotation, pincushion, barrel, cornerstone, vertical and horizontal effect. In order to customize upon the size of input window, the user can select the option of blanking control in this projector. 5.Edge Blending: HIGHlite Laser WUXGA 3D projector has High Bit Depth Edge Blending. 6.HD Base Interface: There is an in-built source for High Definition Video transmission over CAT 5e/6 LAN cable. It allows the projector to be placed above 100m from the source with the usage of minimum cost for cabling. 7.Supports 3D Formats: HIGHlite Laser WUXGA 3D projector supports 3D formats by frame sequential, dual pipe, frame packing, side by side, top and bottom. 8.Lens: The lens of HIGHlite Laser WUXGA 3D projector is both Fixed as well as Zoomed ones. The zoom range is from 0.77:1 – 6.76:1

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