Google being used for Cortana searches stopped by Microsoft

Google being used for Cortana searches stopped by Microsoft


May 11, 2016
Microsoft has been forcing people to use its Bing search engine with Cortana in Windows 10. While Microsoft said it was making people use Bing as they could get the most out of othersearch-related features in its products statistics suggest that more than 90% of searches are carried out via Google globally and Bing accounts for just about 3% of searches. Also many Cortana users have previously preferred to use Goggle rather than Bing for their searches. Though this was a rude gesture from Microsoft, Ryan Gavin, Microsoft’s head of search and Cortana said that Windows users were only not allowed to use Google from Cortana but could still install other web browsers outside Cortana. Mr. Ryan also added that Microsoft was working to bring in extras to Edge and Bing so thatthey could tie it up with Cortana. He also said that with this a future search for “tickets to aRihanna show” would open up search results for seats tied to a user’s preferences andcomplete every part of the buying process apart from the final click on the payment button.Microsoft have taken huge liberties here and have successfully found some regular users forits Bing search. However Google is still toping with a large margin.

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