How Good is HTC RE Camera as a Personal Shooter?

How Good is HTC RE Camera as a Personal Shooter?


Jan 8, 2015
How good is HTC RE Camera as a personal shooter? With the technology getting wider in spectrum, almost anyone can bet on multitasking devices. However, embedded system is the choice that remains evergreen. Cameras are meant to take pictures and phones are meant to make calls. But, over last few years smart phones have manipulated these facts with quite logical alterations. But, there remains a difference between the things that can be done and the only things that can be done. We have prompt and simplified access to cameras at any notice of the moment; thankfully to smart phones’ and tablets’ invention. Currently, a different type of factor is commencing to gain momentum. This form factor is nothing but the personal cameras. With GoPro exception, this genre is presently witnessing an influx of petite, hand-held devices, which are little enough to fit in your pocket or purse or obviously a handbag and they can still capture decent photographs and videos. HTC is one of the firms rushing to make it to this space with it’s newly launched RE camera (RE being pronounced “Ree” as per the standards), an awestruck gadget that has an orientation relevant to a tube. It packs a 16-megapixel camera for taking pictures while 1080p HD for video capture. As an addition to the package, it attributes cross-platform assistance reason of which; the Android and iOS users similar can get benefitted by it.  This camera is worth 200 dollars. It is extremely smart at capturing sharp images and has many more features and functionalities than a normal Cyber shot. Obviously, just only because the RE has the similar resolution as high-end devices does not mean they will have the similar quality. Few key factors persist, which make the RE stand out as different from others. The aperture of RE is quite smaller at f/2.8, causing additional difficulty in use during low-light scenarios; and default images make use of a 100-degree shot in large-angle, augmenting to 146 degrees on images, which are ultra-wide  and videos are shot at 86 degrees. There is no autofocus or manual settings or even HDR feature to enhance your captured images in any possible way. It is a tough sell for many, but still RE is quite enjoyable when at use. It encourages people to get extra creative with their photography. People would love to take the images of things which otherwise they would not have even held a notion of. There comes bigger potential linked with the RE form factor, and along with an affordable price and betterments of image quality, this camera should be absolutely successful. So, now when anytime you want to take up a prompt photograph, search for yourself in the choice of an ease and paced RE or a smart phone’s better quality.

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