Go, Click, Shop at Candid Prices

Go, Click, Shop at Candid Prices


Jan 20, 2015
Go, Click, Shop at Candid Prices Online shopping has emerged to be the greatest business for retailers and simultaneously, a greatest comfort to the customers. Right from toilet paper to furniture, you can buy all at just one click. All that needs to be done is surf a little extra with smart tricks.
  1. Price-Tracking Applications- Download price tracking application in your smart phone and get daily updates on rising and falling prices of different products on the go.
  2. Price Tracking Websites- There are several websites available in e-commerce market for online dealing. Given below are the few major websites offering a heavy discount on millions of products:
  • Groupon- It is the web’s biggest daily shopping site, offering deals in each and everything with an average discount of 50%.
  • LivingSocial- It is the second biggest daily shopping site. Once you make a purchase, you will receive it for FREE on sharing the deal with 3 friends and then re-buying the same deal.
  • BuyWithMe-It offers multiple deals each day, in each city. It is best suited for smaller audience with an average deal of 50-60%.
  • Tippr- This website deals focus on services related to dining and the discounts rise with more deal purchases.
  • Social Buy- These are the general deals along with social events as well as celebrity endorsements and recommendations.
  • 8coupons- Through this website, you can check upon the closest deals to your location with the use of an interactive map.
  • Facebook– The best and most widely used website is the social media’s search tool for checking up on your company or favorite product already offering everyday deals.
  • Twitter-Follow @CheapTweet, @EarlyBird, @CouponTweet
  1. Comparison Store- With the above given sites, you can check the products for their prices on different websites. There are even more options available on search engines with relevant keywords.
  2. Screenshot of Rates-There are times when the price of a certain product might drop just after you make the purchase. Under such case, there might be some chances of your money being refunded if you email the screenshot of the price differences and time.
  3. Cookies Clean-up- Sometimes, heavy loading of cookies may eliminate your chances of exploring new price ranges and getting any product for discount.
  4. Abandon Cart- This is a trick which might be beneficial for earning best deals. All you have to do is perform the entire buying process without making the payments. Abandoning of the cart halfway, will have you received an email from the retailer in a day or two with even better price.
  5. Have a word- Talk to your acquaintances to know if they have bought the similar product as you want at a fair price.
  6. Retail Website Options- There could be different websites from the same retailer. Try checking out all of them for maximum discounts.
  7. Promotional Discounts- When you make purchases or share the page, as an acknowledgement the retailers will offer some cash back or discount coupons. Keep a track of such promotional codes.
  8. Shipping Discounts- Before paying the full amount, look in the opportunities where you can find some shipping discounts.

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