Game of Drones

Game of Drones


Sep 2, 2014
Game of Drones What is a Drone? A Drone is an aircraft which is operated with a remote control and is without a pilot. It can also be further described as a pilotless aircraft which is used for playing games and not for some destructive purposes. Remotely piloted drone, the smart drone and the preprogrammed drone are the three main types of drones used
  • The remotely piloted vehicle (RPV) or drone is the most frequently used as it is remotely controlled by a pilot with a remote control or radio links. The pilot is present either in the other aircraft or on the ground. The remotely piloted drones are used for target acquirement, to get information on enemy activities, friendly communication and also congesting of the enemy’s network.
  • A smart drone has sensors attached and has a computer on-board. The computer has the capability of deciding on vital causes and altitude changes through its sensor capacity. For instance a smart drone can navigate a route from an airport and take off on its own. The drone can make decisions in the air based on weather conditions; it can fly to another airport and make a landing.
  • A pre-programmed drone is a time based or schedule based drone. It responds to a scheduler on the ground, but has not sensors. It works rule based and follow custom set course changes, speed changes, altitude changes and exercises. During the end of the assignment the drone is resumed with the help of a parachute.
Game of Drones Drone games are available on Facebook, Google and other gaming websites. These drones can be an army of angry birds loaded with computer functions through Amazon or Facebook.  These big giants in the tech industry are entering the drone gaming business. Entering into the drone gaming business is a justified smart business decision and munificent expansion. With the help of jet drones, which are solar powered Facebook and Google can provide online access to customers and Amazon can deliver the gaming packages at the doorstep. The Wall Street Journal on Tuesday published a report where they stated that Google is outbidding Facebook for the acquisition of a New Mexico deal which creates solar power drones. A British based aerospace corporation was later bought by Facebook what works on solar drones. Environmental damage or disaster relief like other problems can be taken care by “atmospheric satellites” drones created by Titan which are battery powered and dragon shaped. A Sacramento based drone expert who runs a project on the drones on a website states that there are approximately 14,000 drone operators in Japan who are certified. He also claims that countries like Japan and Europe has made drones legal. With the introduction of drones we will have Beer delivered by a drone to a fisherman in the other part of the United States or Europe. With the launch of drone games we definitely will be seeing a touch competition between Google and Facebook. Some popular game of drones can be sword fighting, aircraft games and many more.    

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