FIFA World Cup Generates Billion Moments In Facebook

FIFA World Cup Generates Billion Moments In Facebook


Jul 22, 2014
World Cup generates billion “likes” and comments in Facebook The FIFA world cup 2014 has created frenzy among football fans all over the world. We all know the rage it creates among people especially in the continent of Europe and Arab nations. To join this club is the social networking sites especially Facebook. Facebook has officially reported there is now nearly 1 billion likes or comments updated on their site about people talking about football. Now, that’s news. The social giant mentioned this is the first time in their history that any event has touched the 1 billion mark. The fever of the game is still alive and it goes to show the spirit people have for football. Star players like Neymar and David Luiz have among the most likes for their posts in Facebook. It is nice to see important players playing an active role in the social network. Fans go all gaga over their star idols. Neymar in particular has more than seven million “likes”. The disappointment of Brazil not able to get through to finals was spread across the social media. The first match between Brazil and Croatia was the most discussed in the social media among fans. Among the countries, those from US, Brazil, Thailand, England and Indonesia posted most comments in the social media site. The defeat of Brazil in the semis has smashed records in the social media. There were nearly 200 million posts during and after the match from 66 million people setting a new record. The football has garnered more interest in the social platform than events like the Superbowl, Oscar or winter Olympic Games. Fifa opened its website in the year 1995 and it has more than 440 million users actively participating in its Facebook account. Apart from Facebook it also launched its Twitter account and official app during 2013.

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