Drive your life with ultimate passion: Tesla Model S is here now

Drive your life with ultimate passion: Tesla Model S is here now


Mar 25, 2014
Tesla Model S is here Superfast, premium, sporty, ravishing, strong, sturdy, etc… are indeed the right words that define Tesla Model S. The lot of good stuff has been written and said about Tesla Model S; which is actually true. The Tesla Model S has been conceptualized and developed by great brains for giving a luxury and premium experience to its owners. The car is extremely super fast and vanishes by a blink of eye. The sports sedan dons a glass cockpit flaunting a 17 inch LCD screen to its centre. The LCD screen can do multitasking for the drivers. It assists the driver with navigation and entertainment simultaneously. Now the driver can listen and enjoy to any song that is existing in this universe. The LCD screen in Tesla gives every option for the user to have an access to. The passengers can browse internet, listen music, play videos, etc… in this LCD screen. The 17 inch mounted LCD screen is the dominating factor in the cockpit. It is utilized for switchgear as well as for infotainment. The top buttons in the screen are catered for navigation, media, energy usage, rear camera, phone and internet browser. The bottom screen reflects options for volume control, climate control and secondary controls. The resolution of screen changes as per customization. Hence, the light dims at night to prevent distraction. The buttons of LCD screen are big enough to miss upon. The driver enjoys great comfort in accessing these buttons. The climate can be controlled well in the car. The buttons can lock and unlock the door as well. Tesla has come up with various charging stations that allow their drivers to fill their tanks with free electricity charging. Currently there are few charging stations, yet Tesla is in a phase of growing their number of stations. A self charged Tesla Model S will deliver an efficiency of 400 HP turbo charged electric driving. Tesla is a high end car which offers great alternative energy consumption options to people. To know how a Tesla Model S looks like, simply imagine the supreme and magnificent Mercedes – Benz CLS four door or Audi A7. Then fit the Mac Book Pro 17 inch in the centre frame. Increase the weight of Benz by including 500 pounds to it. Tesla Model S is ready. The 197 inches long and 77 inches wide car looks perfect and stunning. The car is quite spacious and appropriate for long distance driving. The back seat space is quite at large which allows more passengers to accommodate well. There is sufficient luggage space at the front under the hood area. Tesla Model S can well accommodate five to seven passengers very conveniently by placing two people in front, two to three people in middle while two kids at the back side. The cockpit area of Tesla Model S is just lavish and luxurious. With great leg space and comfortable space, the driver can enjoy the luxury of changing the upholstery with a great feeling fabric.

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