DIY X-Men Scientist Builds Amazing X-Men Gadgets in his Garage

DIY X-Men Scientist Builds Amazing X-Men Gadgets in his Garage


Jun 20, 2014
DIY X-Men Scientist Builds Amazing X-Men Gadgets
Colin Furze
A garage scientist named Colin Furze went overboard with his obsession of X-Men when he took up three DIY X-Men themed projects in a month and the news has henceforth been doing its rounds on social media calling him a totally insane garage mad scientist. Furze claims to have built his creation as homage to the flame tossing baddie Pyro. His system makes use of a backpack rigged fuelling system and just when you light the flame, the backpack pushes a ton of propane which is fast enough to ensure that the person doesn’t burn his own fingers in the process. For lighting this ridiculous piece of creation by Furze requires the coordination of both the hands as one serves as the lighter and the other as the fuel source. This too is a safety measure helping the person stay away from the 8 foot flame that it is capable of lighting. The videos and images taken of this wrist mounted creation,give off an effect no less than a crazy Dragon Ball Z effect while throwing fire during a mortal combat. British inventor and a former BMX rider, Colin is from Lincolnshire. He was also previously a resident of Stanford in England and a plumber by profession. He later went on to become a stuntman. His other X-men inspired creation was a12 inch stainless steel wolverine claw attached to the arms that shoot out with the touch of a button strapped to the forearm. His first incredible creation however was the world’s first pair of ultra-strong magnetic shoes that allow him to defy gravity and walk upside down. Colin had also posted a video of him walking on the ceiling while attempting to drink and eat. The shoes were recreated by attaching electromagnets to an old pair of shoes while he collected a transformer from the microwave of a local scrapyard to make use of its coil. The current run through the coil was sufficient to support his 80kg frame. ‘The shoes are great fun but it is rather bizarre trying to walk upside down, you have to really force your feet on to the ceiling,’ said Mr Furze. He even mentioned that this crazy invention would enable him to actually scale skyscrapers instead of taking the conventional way of elevators or staircases! All of these creations inspired by characters from the X-Men films and while the flamethrower has enabled him to emulate Pyro, the steel claws helped him be like Wolverine, the character played by Hugh Jackman. The shoes were inspired by Magneto who the primary villain is found in the X-Men comics who is capable of manipulating electromagnetic fields around him thereby moving objects with his own mind. Furze also holds world records for the World’s fastest mobility Scooter and World’s longest motorbike. He has previously also held a record for World’s Largest Bonfire.

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