Creative Sound Blaster Roar Portable Bluetooth speaker

Creative Sound Blaster Roar Portable Bluetooth speaker


Jun 25, 2014
Creative Sound Blaster Roar portable Bluetooth speaker About Creative: Creative has made its strong and recognized base in providing audio solutions to the masses. With great speaker quality, Creative supersedes several other present competitors in market. Astonishing the masses with its innovation and unique audio system solutions, recently Creative succeeded in launching its wireless or Bluetooth speaker under the brand name Roar. Roar, a Creative sound Blaster solution is an altogether novel offering from Creative group.  What is Creative Sound Blaster Roar exactly? Creative Sound Blaster Roar is completely a new product by Creative. Roar is the new speaker by Creative. Making a rock solid entrance, Roar has also considered making an attractive entry in the much crowded segment of BoomBox along with Bluetooth. The wireless speaker measures at 202 x 115 x 57 mm and weighs at 1.1 kg. At such excellent dimensions, Roar can be easily carried from one place to another. The body of Roar is covered with a slightly pierced satin aluminium grille with the regular base of matte grey rubber plastic or shadow chrome finishing. The device is quite solid and sturdy. The device has been developed after great hard work and strength. The initial offering by Creative turned out to be a slight problem for the buyers.  But the recent offering by Creative, Roar completely meets up every expectation of the buyers. The aluminium finish of the speaker comes out to be a splendid and remarkable element on Roar. The side plastic grilles though not appear to be elegant feels to be more durable and sturdy. With respect to the top panel of Creative’s Roar, it is completely flooded with buttons. There are input slots namely, power, USB power output, aux cable input 3.5 mm, micro SD , alarm buttons, switches and multiple buttons for playback recording. The wireless speaker by Creative can be easily controlled and operated from the Smartphone or Tablet itself. Though the speaker is yet to be launched in retail segment, still people can easily order it online. The goodness of Creative’s Roar: With sound quality being the USP of Creative, the sound quality of Roar also comes out to be an impressive one. Irrespective of its compactness, Roar astonishes the listener at first go itself.  Along with this, Roar can be easily carried and placed where ever desirable. The speaker comprises of treble, mid bass extension, 2.5 inch woofer drive and bass radiators. Roar surpasses the explicit sound quality of Samsung F61 and UE Boom as well that are market leaders in wireless speaker segment. However, with higher volume, the sound might distort at some point of time. After pressing the ROAR button, the lower bass and treble of speaker immediately boosts up to give out great musical effect but breaking up higher volume as well. However, there is a fix to it as well. On playing the ROAR mode from low to moderate volume, the listener can experience a good amount of aural relied. Roar also works explicitly well when used as a speakerphone. Since Roar supports Apt X Codec and Bluetooth A2DP, the listener gets to hear a clear and clear audio streaming.

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