Choosing the best video sunglasses

Choosing the best video sunglasses


Dec 18, 2013

best video sunglass

Sunglasses have evolved immensely from being simple sunlight combating devices in earlier times. They are now both style mantras along with being modern day technological hubs. Video glasses are the new rage in today’s times. How do these glasses actually work? Switch them on and get the benefits of cutting edge multimedia entertainment privately. You can almost shut out the world with these glasses. This represents an interesting method of switching off while being part of the crowd.  Video glasses make use of normal human perceptions of vision. Display systems are incorporated into the head and the end result is light video glasses that can make their own vision illusions which can put big screen televisions to fail. These glasses contain a miniscule LED lens display. A couple of identical images are whipped up for the eyes along with identical alignment which sparks the human brain to combine the two into one composite experience. These glasses form 3D images and contain equipment for watching videos in 3D, audio players and batteries. Video glasses represent the ultimate hands-free multimedia revolution. They can also be plugged into gaming consoles or iPods. Which are some of the best video glasses available in the market presently? ezGear_ezVision_Video_iWear You can try the EyeCinema iPod Video Glasses which provide an 80 inch display along with 922,00 pixels with surround sound experience. These are compatible perfectly with Xbox, Wii and Nintendo Gaming. The RelaxView 4.0 offers 60 inches and is compatible with PMP’s, Xbox 360, Wii and iPod’s. You can also check out the 22Moo ZuneVD which works perfectly with generation 5 iPods, Play station, Xbox, Wii. A 50 inch display is provided. Other cutting edge video glasses available include the EzGear EzVision Video IWear which gives you 50 inches along with dual screens for video. There are ear buds along with a rechargeable battery which squeezes out eight hours at a maximum. Compatible with all major sources of video and devices, this tiny marvel weighs only 68 grams and is a top pick for the modern day customer. The LightVu comes a close second with its light weight, top notch compatibility and 42 inch screen. The designers have highlighted the absence of cyber stress and the device is crafted to ensure the absence of nausea or dizziness. Other products you can take a look at include the Icuiti DV920 which provides quality videos free for flickering. Alongside, the 3D stereoscopic experience is one to behold. This is compatible with all major DVD players, iPods, computers, laptops, gaming consoles and even A/V mobile phones. Another USP of this device is the color resolution which stands at 640*480 true colors. Technology biggie Toshiba has also entered the market with the 360 degree display mounted on the head. This keeps the style quotient intact and provides a special version built to be used with the iPod. Video quality is top notch and deserves special mention. Video glasses are the future of entertainment on the go. The cutting edge video glasses mentioned above are some of the best video sunglasses available for modern customers. Take your pick!

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