Blackberry Enterprise Solution Up gradation – A definite boost for Android and IOS management!

Blackberry Enterprise Solution Up gradation – A definite boost for Android and IOS management!


Dec 17, 2013
Blackberry Enterprise Solution Up gradation Blackberry Ltd. was founded in 1984 and has its headquarters in Ontario. It has a turnover of around $3.05 billion on an average annually. Blackberry was the first ever kind of phone invented which offered the application of enterprise solutions like email handling. This particular feature of blackberry added to enormous revenue in the initial phase. However, in the recent times Blackberry ltd. has struggled for sales in the business of handsets due to the strenuous competition from its competitors. The sales of the company had dropped by more than 50% in the last year and the recovery for the same had become very difficult even after applying various strategies by the sales team. Blackberry had about 1 billion handsets in their inventory which were not being sold and led to a very negative impact on the profits of the company overall. The only way to get out of it was by working on the software applications of blackberry. In 2011, blackberry announced the up gradation to allow the administrators to use BES on android and IO7 application phones. Blackberry upgraded its server for this application and also improved it quality for the usage of the same. The reason was very clear that blackberry went for this upgrade and made it compatible with other applications to steer ahead in front of its competitors. The business enterprise solution (BES) serves to join two different programs together. Basically it is a platform where one application can communicate with other application. Thus with this unique cross platform technique adopted blackberry services like BBM became available on android and OS phones. Blackberry Messenger (BBM) which was earlier exclusively available only for blackberry handsets are now made available to all the android and IO7 phones by free download from the gallery. The company had realised that BBM i.e. the blackberry messenger was the biggest USP of blackberry handsets and  the turnover of blackberry can be increased by selling this USP to other applications as well. More than 90 million subscribers use BBM on daily basis due to its unique feature of instant messaging platform. Every subscriber has a unique PIN which he/she can share with only those people whom they want to. It also has an option of having a maximum of 30 group chats. The BBM service is very fast and within seconds the messages get delivered irrespective of the location. Even for Android and IOS application phones it has been a win situation since buyers are going for the phones which have all the applications in one go. With this strategic move made by Blackberry, the sales of the company will definitely boost up against its competitors. Of course in terms of handset sale android and IO7 application phones will take over by large scale, however Blackberry Company will definitely make a lot of money by sharing their enterprise server and by probably charging some subscription fees in the near future.

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